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Steve and TFG1 Mike helm the show this week. Despite the lack of internet, Steve managed to get on his phone to record with 4G powers. The guys discuss more the Gotham show for Fox which maybe ‘Jumping the Shark’ early with their villains roster. Also is the renewals and cancellations of The CW. All this and more on this week’s AGU! We hope you continue to enjoy the episodes and please feel free to respond to any and all feedback methods. We will read and reply on the show. Topic suggestions also welcome. So get Altered, Get Geeky with the Altered Geeks.


ABC Renews Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Transformers: Age of Extinction Casts NEW Autobots!

Speaking of Transformers… Here are Sounds of the 80s Vol 1 and 2… Ript Apparel Designs:

FOX’s Gotham Extended Trailer!

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  1. When it comes to shows like Gotham of Agents of SHIELD you just can not win. AOS gets killed for not having characters people can recognize ( I know there is more issues than that) and people complain Gotham is using too many. I’m a wait and see. I do agree it is odd to see Batman villains without Batman. Those I can live with. What really bugs me is using Catwoman. I’m not comfortable with a preteen Catwoman. Just feels weird.

  2. II’m sad to see The Neighbors get cancelled. I liked that show a great deal. Sad to see it go. Also Enlisted was really funny and Fox cancelled it because that’s all they do. I hope Amazon or Netflix picks up Almost Human. That show was getting really good.

    1. there was only 1 time i watched the neighbors…. when George Takei was on it lol

    2. I really liked The Neighbors too. It felt like the other side of Men in Black. I’m also bummed Suburgatory and Trophy Wife got axed.

      I’m wondering if Almost Human will get shopped. I haven’t heard anything regarding that series. It was expensive though so I can see why it was axed, beyond FOX tinkering with the schedule. How they can let the Following aired as planned but dick with shows like Almost Human is beyond me. I wonder if it’ll become the new Firefly. Odd they are almost a decade apart.

  3. I am excited for Gotham after the trailer. It looks like it could be really good. Like Smallville through the lense of the Dark Knight.

  4. With Flash, Gotham, Arrow, Walking Dead, Agents of Shield, Agent Carter, Preacher in the works, Constantine, iZombie, Powers, the Marvel Netflix shows, and not to mention all the movies I’m a little worried comic book fatigue will happen sooner rather than later. I know a lot of those cover different ground. Preacher and Constantine do not look like comic book movies at first glance. I still worry that its just too much at this point. If the shows are good it won’t matter. But if they aren’t, and they are also not successful we could see a backlash coming.

    1. i think that constantine and preacher are fan specific to their franchises….. giving them shows is a way for the companies to attempt to make them mainstream.

      With comicbook film-tv fatigue …. I don’t think we’re there just yet there are about 2-4 comicbook films every three to four years…. so the TV stuff is filler, but it will have it’s own fanbase.

      1. Did you write that correctly? You think there are only 2-4 comic book films every 3 to 4 years? You do realize in the last year we’ve had Iron Man 3, Man of Steel, Thor 2, Cap 2, The Wolverine, RIPD, Kick Ass 2, 300 2 and Amazing Spider-Man 2, in the last 12 months alone! And I’ll throw Xmen Days of Future Past in for good measure since it’s a May release, and 10 is a nice round number:)

        1. yes I wrote it correctly. I didn’t know RIPD was based on a comic… and I meant major big budget comicbook films… kick ass doesn’t count lol I was moreso meaning marvel and DC. Seeing as they are the big guns on TV as far as comicbook stuff is concerned.

          1. I think RIPD and KA2 do count as both are comic book movies from big studios, they are also in the top 100 for for BO in 2013′ they aren’t hanging in the top 10 but they are major movies, or the studios wanted them to be major movies.

            Still, even omitting those 2, that’s 8 movies in 12 months. That number will continue to grow each year as Fox gets it’s reboot of FF off the ground and they bring Xforce and other X titles to the big screen. Marvels always got 2 on deck until the end of time and if WB can find their footing, it’ll be a shit storm of comic movies. Not to mention Sony tossing in what ever it’s shit out from the Spidey universe;).

            I think the danger of comic media fatigue will start with TV, were the possibly of shitty story telling and piss poor handling of the material will dilute the golden comic cinema appeal, and then creep into declining ticket sales. But if the TV shows are good, they’ll drive ticket sales, unless you’re WB and your TV shows don’t cross with your cinematic universe, then you risk alienating your audience. But who are we kidding. What ever WB does in the next 5 years will make huge bank on a look in audience alone. If they are a good they’ll be monster hits, at worst they’ll be tent pole schlock. If they fail and Supes and Batman end up bloody and beaten at the hands of Marvel, at least they’ll have their next Matrix trilogy ready to go and they’ll be gearing up to reboot Harry Potter. That HP part is all contingent on how well the next 2-3 HP franchise movies do though, of course:)


          2. I am starting to get fatigued just thinking about everything that is coming. It is becoming a chore to keep up with it all. I do think we are already seeing some fatigue. Look at the Amazing Spider-Man movies. They aren’t coming close to the money the older films made. I don’t think a great deal of general fans were ready for a reboot, and they have yet to convince them that they were wrong.

          3. lol keeping track of it all ha! I don’t even do that chore anymore. I keep track of what interests me, because not everything does lol I will get to the other stuff when I get to it.

    2. Also Powers, don’t forget Powers. Though it will probably hit a TV network, right now it is a PlayStation Network exclusive show. But it’ll probably hit FX or FXX.

  5. This is my take on Gotham. I think it’ll be a better show if it focuses on Gordon and Bruce Wayne is a background character at best. With that said I think the show will be more successful if Bruce Wayne is a bigger part. I don’t see general fans all that excited for
    a Gordon show. The trailer does have me more excited than I was before it came
    out at least.

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