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First of all, we would like to thank you for expressing your interest in joining the GeekCast Radio Network family!  Our mission here at the GCRN is to be the number ONE place to go for all of your ‘Geek’ Podcast Needs.

We are always looking to expand and include even more talented shows, bloggers, and contributors than we currently have that can reach a variety of fans from across the internet. Our lineup is currently very diverse with the podcasts, bloggers and contributors. We span the topics of, the Transformers, He-Man, G.I. Joe, Cartoons, Movies, Retro TV, Power Rangers, Comics, General Geek, Debate, DC & Marvel properties, Film and much much more.

If you feel like you have something to offer or add to the network please take a minute and review our guidelines and fill out the Membership Application.


These shows MUST NOT be already represented in our Syndication Lineup.

Guidelines for Membership:

  1. I.              Consistent Content:
    1. a.    As a potential member of the GeekCast Radio Network, you would be required to produce consistent content on a monthly basis at the bare minimum. Considerations will go to shows that are producing consistent weekly or bi-weekly content first.
  2. II.            Advertising:
    1. a.    During each of your podcasts you would be asked to include GCRN Commercials which advertise the other shows the GeekCast Radio Network offers. Also, if you have a website you would be asked to place a GCRN Logo/Advertisement on your website.
    2. b.    For every 30 minutes of a podcast there should be one ad placement. (Ex: 1HR = 2, 1.5HR=3, etc. with a maximum of 3 ad placements.)
  3. III.           Communication:
    1. a.    You would also be asked to have open communication with the Network. If for some reason you were going to miss one of your planned recordings or go on a brief hiatus/vacation you would be asked to let the Network know so we can update our advertisements and notifications accordingly.
    2. b.    We also have year end blog posts and yearly podcast wrap ups previewing what’s coming in the next year that you may be asked to participate in or submit a minor amount of information for.
    3. c.    We may ask you to let us know events you’re planning on attending so we can help with exposure on said event.
  4. IV.           Information Required:
    1. a.    We will ask that you provide Host(s), Contributor Name(s), Show Description, and Podcast Art / Logo for each show you have submitted.
    2. b.    Examples see: Show Guide.

c.     Must have at LEAST 15 episodes of a podcast under your belt to work out the kinks before submitting application. OR 1 Year of podcasting experience.

  • V.           Podcast Content Types:
    1. a.    We will give consideration depending on what type of podcast application the show is. For example we will cross-promote more than one type of show however a syndicated show, there can be one select theme that we currently do not cover on the GCRN.
    2. b.   When cross-promotion occurs, ads, images and content can be advertised on both networks.

(IV.2.b. and IV.2.c. PODCAST ONLY)

So without further ado, please fill out the application below!



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