Fueled by a shared passion for Transformers and all things geeky, The GeekCast Radio Network (GCRN) blasted onto the scene in June 2009. The brainchild of podcasters Steve “Megatron” Phillips and Mike Blanchard (better known as TFG1Mike), the GCRN began as a humble platform for discussing pop culture and entertainment. But what started with “All Things Transformers” in 2008 quickly blossomed into a full-fledged network. Mike joined Steve on the Transformers adventure a few months later, co-hosting and solidifying their partnership. This creative spark ignited a flurry of show ideas, and within a short time, the foundation for the network we know today was laid.

The year 2010 marked a turning point for GCRN. With the addition of shows like ToonCast, MWIRE, ToyCast, GeekCast Radio, and the Tele-Cast, the network’s programming lineup exploded. They even achieved a historic feat – becoming the first and only podcasting network to tackle the entirety of Beast Wars and Beast Machines with “The Beast Unleashed Podcast.” This dedication to a specific niche within the Transformers universe showcased GCRN’s commitment to comprehensive coverage and in-depth discussions.
The GCRN’s growth wasn’t just about quantity but quality. The network also welcomed new personalities who brought their unique perspectives and expertise. PecanCtMichael became a fixture on the Transformers review shows, while OptimusSolo joined Mike on ToonCast and went on to launch his own shows like The Tele-Cast and Cinema Geeks. His presence became a familiar voice across various GCRN podcasts.
In 2011, GCRN embarked on its most ambitious project yet. Collaborating with other geek websites, they tackled the monumental task of ranking the Top 100 Animated Series of All Time (later known as the Top 100 Countdown). This project was a testament to the network’s dedication to the animation genre and their willingness to push boundaries. As they proudly claim, their list was a vast improvement over IGN’s attempt, solidifying their reputation for quality content.
The momentum continued as 2013 saw a fresh wave of programming with shows like Altered Geek and The Pull Bag, further enriching the network’s offerings. 2018, while slower paced, brought new initiatives like the GCRN WarZ Tournament and podcasting milestones – episodes exceeding 300 for some shows and individual hosts surpassing the 4-digit mark in total episodes hosted.
By 2019, the GCRN celebrated its 10th anniversary, a significant milestone for any network. This year was all about evolution. A brand new website was launched, brimming with fresh interviews, programming, and opportunities for host diversification. Video content entered the mix, and GCRN explored new ways to engage its audience. The network remained open to new ideas and collaborations, welcoming passionate geeks from all corners of the geek world.
The story continues into 2021 and 2022 with shows crossing impressive episode thresholds (300 and 400 episodes), another Top 100 Countdown focusing on Transformers, and the triumphant return of beloved shows like ToyCast and ToonCast.
Enter 2024 as the GCRN is busy crafting exciting website upgrades, planning more Top 100 Countdowns, and aiming for even “more awesomeness” as they enter their 15th Years as a Network!
GeekCast Radio Network’s journey is a testament to the power of passion, collaboration, and a shared love for all things geeky. It’s a network that continues to evolve, offering a diverse and engaging experience for listeners. Whether you’re a seasoned Transformers aficionado, a budding animation enthusiast, or simply a curious geek exploring various pop culture avenues, the GCRN has a show waiting to Unleash the Geek in YOU! So, tune in, join the conversation, and become part of the ever-expanding community!

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