TV Ads Really Aren’t That Bad

When it comes to advertising, there are the good, the bad, and the ugly types of advertising. And in all reality, though some people may bash on tv ads, they really aren’t that bad. Thinking about the perks to TV ads can help you realize that they might actually be your favorite type of ad.

Provide a Break

TV ads are actually a great way for consumers to have a quick break from the intensity of the TV show they may be watching. In fact, many consumers appreciate the time to run to the kitchen and grab a snack or run to the bathroom.

And while it’s true that consumers are more likely to run off during ads than during the show itself, the fact is, consumers appreciate the break and even if they aren’t watching every ad all the way through, they are still likely absorbing a lot of the content.

It’s Less Intrusive

TV ads are another great option for marketing because they don’t seem to intrude into consumers’ lives as much. If a consumer is watching a show on Youtube, they expect to see ads. That is simply part of the deal when it comes to watching free TV on the internet. Because consumers expect to see ads, they won’t feel like the ads are as annoying or invasive.

In fact, 58 percent of consumers actually prefer TV ads over other advertising methods. Additionally, most consumers feel less suspicious of TV ads for tracking their data.

It Can be Entertaining

Another huge perk to TV ads is the opportunity you have to actually convey the personality of your brand to your viewers. One of the best examples of how this is done is the Super Bowl. Every year for the Super Bowl, different sponsors spend millions of dollars on their different advertisements. And it shows. The result? Consumers actually look forward to watching the ads because they know they will be entertained.

Though you probably can’t spend the same amount on your TV ads, you can work to make TV ads entertaining. This will make your company more memorable.

Finding the way to make ads something that customers don’t resent can seem tricky. But TV ads are actually pretty ideal when it comes to these concerns. As you figure out how to craft your company’s TV ads, be sure to be creative and work to create something that will really connect with your viewers.

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