Review of Gotham Episode Under The Knife (Spoilers)

So, right off the bat.   We see Selena and Bruce under the Gotham Bay Bridge.  Discussing whether it was right to kill Reggie.  It started off as an “girl power, episode.”  Selena doing her best to “toughen up Bruce.”  And yet, I still feel empty.  The whole Bruce/Selena relationship. Having them meet as tweens.  It didn’t work in Star Wars Episode I.  It’s not working in Gotham.  Especially since Tala Al Guhl.  And Bruce will become an item, someday.


Also, I hate to open an elephant’s wound.  But Barbara in this series.  Just comes off, as a pretty face.  And a pair of great legs.  Other than in the comics.  She was once Ms. James Gordon.  Again, either she dies.  Or they divorce, either way.  I don’t get the point/usefulness of the character, in this series.  However, tonight she got a tad interesting.  As in she may become a Gotham Rogue.  Or a moll to the Ogre.  She’s been dumped by Officer Montoya.  James Gordon, and her parents.  Don’t seem to care about her.  So she’s become bitter.  Mean and bitter, the worst of the two.


How she hooked up with The Ogre.  Well, go watch last week’s episode.  Why won’t he off her right away?  She’s interesting because she’s just bitter?  And his search for unconditional love?  I once read an Tales From the Crypt comic story.  Where an nebbish guy.  Found an drop dead gorgeous woman.  Wanting her for his wife.  He was wealthy, and kept wanting her for his wife.  In the end, he was married.  And his cryptic words were.  He wanted this woman.  To be food, for his wife.  Who happened to be an vampire.


Now granted, that’s not The Ogre’s M.O.  But I digress, let’s move on shall we?  The Penguin is making his move.  To take out Don Maroni. Paying an assassin to take him out.  Many fans on the interweb.  Claimed that this can’t happen.  Although Penguin did die in Batman Returns.  And I’m not sure what happened to Maroni in The Dark Knight.  Since in the sequel, we get Ronald Daggett.  And other than The Nolan Trilogy. I could care less about the Dons.  Again, I understand that this is a prequel.  And I understand the history of Maroni.  F.Y.E. in the comics.  He’s responsible for disfiguring Harvey Dent.  But in the animated Series, it’s Rupert Thorn.

Don’t get me wrong.  David Zayas does a great job.  Making Maroni boisterous, and threatening.  But older fans like myself.  Want to see Penguin rise already.  Tonight, Maroni came to Oswald’s club.  And started to flirt with Mamma Cobblepot.  Until, he told her everything.  As in Oswald is The Penguin.  Causing her to distance herself from her son.  It was great to see Carol Kane, back.  And gave some great line reads.  It also turned Oswlad from cowardly George McFly.  To the new and improved George McFly.  If you get that reference.  After The Oswalds, got back to their apartment.  An messenger came to the door.  With a bunch of roses.


Penguin got the message.  And retaliated with well.  Not shooting the messenger.  But slashing his throat.  With two more episodes remaining.  It’s getting more and more intense.  Then we get the Edward/Kringle story-line.  Just like AMC’s Walking Dead.  There was a domestic abuse issue.  And Rick took out that drunken/abuser.  The problem is, that was a few months ago.  Did Gotham just copy and paste this arc?  It felt like lazy writing.  This felt like The Animated Series.  Episode Mad as an Hatter. Where Jervis was stalking an co-worker. Here, Edward ends up stabbing.  The Abusive Boyfriend to death.

How is Kringle going to take this?  Is she going to end up with Ed?  Will she become his Moll?  The problem is there are intriguing set ups.  But sometimes the aftermath.  Will have little to no payoff.  I feel that Edward.  Will eventually Kill Kringle. And that will just make him creepier.  This should’ve been Jervis Tetch.  Not Edward Nygma.  Not to mention, this is a sloppy murder. Granted Edward is an G.C.P.D. employee.  But how much evidence can he hide?   I’m on the fence with Pre-Riddler.  I really am, but an Riddler trap death.  Would’ve been better, than a accidental stabbing.

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Another watchable sub plot.  Was the Gotham Charity Ball.  Selena got an surprise invitation from Bruce.  To see Tom-Boyish Selena. Getting all dolled up was nice.  At times, I feel she’s his Peppermint Patty.  And she is his Charlie Brown.   They do have great chemistry at times.  I would like to root for them.  But we the fans know their fate.  Other than that, the episode ended with some cliffhangers.  Barbara ended up going home.  With the Ogre, he showed Barbara his torture chamber.  And she just stood next to him smiling.

The Fein-Al Verdict.

The theme tonight was about.  Hearts being broken, Mamma Oswald’s.  Heart being broken, after she learned Penguin’s secret.  Edward’s being broken, because he may not end up with Kringle.  Bruce’s heart getting broken.  Realizing that Selena, can’t be an “domesticated cat.” And we can only speculate.  About Barbara and her new Beau.  Fans being broken hearted.  That Fish Mooney didn’t show up, tonight. Gotcha there for a minute.

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  1. “either she dies or they divorce” umm…. they aint even married yet. LOL… “how did barbara and the ogre meet?” did you not watch the episode? He hunted her down, because he thought she was whom Gordon loved, because of that old newspaper article.

  2. Well I’m thinking of their supposed future. As for the episode, I had some DVR issues. Due to an thunder storm. So I did re watch what he did and fixed that paragraph. Still I’m thinking more of Leslie than Barbara.

  3. The problem is, will Gotham follow the Nolan films? I keep asking that. Because Leslie and Jim make a better couple. Than Barbara ever did.

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