Review of Gotham Episode Beasts of Prey (Spoilers)

So March Madness has come and gone.  Meaning we get another final four.  As in the final four Gotham episodes, of the Season.  Not that an serial killer.  Is an bad way to end Year One of Gotham.  Thankfully  Milo Ventimiglia.  Pulled of the Ogre character well.  Now this in an character that showed up in the ’90’s, comicbook.  Where he was genetically altered.  Here he’s  Jason Lennon.  A millionaire, who kills woman.  If they are not his “perfect mate.”


The viewers got to watch flashbacks.  One of them deal with an frightened woman.  Who overcooked dinner, lamb to be precise.  So The Ogre goes cuckoo for coco puffs.  And proceeds to slaughter his “imperfect match.”   But not without taking a picture of the “before,” stage. Granted this is probably the first flashback in the series.  However I believe that was the 1st victim.  Let’s take about the latest.  He picks up a lady at an bar.  Wines her dines her.  Takes her to his apartment.  And refuses her to leave his site.  All in all, it’s both creepy and effective.


After they spent the night together.  You can see in his eyes and face.  That the “monster,” is seeping through.  She needs to get home.  He refuses to let her out of his site.  He grabs her hand.  She thinks he’s flirting.  Until the transition in both their expressions.  Shows that something is not right with him.  Again, we’re getting character development.  It’s weird to take an forgotten character.  And make him into a potential Batman baddie.  But hey that’s Gotham.


This is more an Jim Gordon’s series.  For those who have forgotten.  Jim blackmailed Commissioner Lobe.  So he told an G.C.P.D. officer, that Jim has inspired the other officers.  Faster than Admiral Ackbar can say “It’s a trap.”  Jim and partner Harvey Bullock.  Go out and, gas-pity, gasp, gasp. Act likes cops, asking questions.  Looking for evidence, it almost was.  Dare I say it, a cop drama.  It was refreshing for a few minutes.  Before Harvey is all, “Don’t go after this guy,” speech.  Because it’s another case that The G.C.P.D. turns their heads to.  Kind of like an sacrifice to tame the Ogre.  Yet again, how corrupt is Gotham?

As in any decent cop.  That tires to go after The Ogre.  He’ll kill that cop.  And an loved one.  Well Jim is dating Leslie.  So it’s only a matter of time.  Before her life in on the line.  It’s a shame he doesn’t go after Barbara.  As in, time for her to go.  But how many times, have I asked that?  I have a feeling that the season finale.  Will be an Ogre/Jim/Lobe/Leslie cliffhanger.  In the meantime, Jim (per usual).  Is not backing down.  Making sure that Leslie is protected.  And made it clear that Lobe will be.  The next person to be taken down.  Which will be another interesting story arc.


Onto the sub plots.  Well we got to see Bruce and Selena.  Team up yet again, to stop the bad guy.  Again, and again I have issues.  With Lil’ Bruce and Selena.  Thay’re not seasoned characters.  To take down the baddies.  So unless there are different actors in season 2.  You know where five years go by R-E-E-L time.  Both are going to have some “growing pains.”  It does close the Reggie/Alfred arc. Bruce and Selena track Reggie down.  And well, Bruce is going to use that.  I’m not going to kill you card.  But Selena is going to use.  That “how’s ’bout a kiss Santa Clause.”  Or something to that affect.  Don’t get me wrong.  I enjoyed the chemistry between Bruce and Selena.  Reggie, however shoud’ve lasted a tad longer.


Alfred needed to be part of this scarino.  All in all, it just put Bruce.  In an situation, that he wasn’t ready for.  At any age, and Selena.  Well we know her policies on survival.  Oh and the Fish Mooney arc.  Well, she tired to escape.  The Dollmaker’s island, by trickig some inmates. Telling one half to run towards a boat.  While she took the other half onto an helicopter.  Only to have an sniper shoot her.  You know what, if the rumors are true.  Jada Pinkett Smith stated she only signed onto one season.  So, not the best death.  So long Fish, you were.  The worst crime syndicate Lt. ever.  As for Penguin, he made a deal.  With the owners of an restaurant.  By kidnapping a guitar player.  Who seduced their daughter.

The sub plot was decent.  Penguin and his goon.  Tied up the guitar player.  And I loved how Penguin and the goon.  Played off of each other.   Even cutting off the players fingers.  Was gruesome, it was nice to see Penguin.  Act like an potential mob boss.  The whole point is to use, the Restaurant.  For a trap, to off Maroni.  How and why, I’m not sure.  But it was nice to see Penguin act less.  Like the Great Gonzo.  And more of a force not to be reckoned with.  Now if you excuse me.  I’m going to make sure, that my lamb dinner is not overcooked.

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