Review of TMNT Mutanimals #1

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutanimals #1

IDW’s TMNT continuity gets a brand new miniseries! This time around the focus is on the MUTANIMALS!!!! That’s right Old Hob, Mondo, Slash, Herman, and the others are in the spotlight!! This will be a slightly SPOILER FILLED Review!

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So far in the 4 year run of TMNT at IDW Publishing, we’ve had the micro series focusing on the TMNT and their allies. Then there was the Villains micro series, and the utrom empire trilogy. The Turtles in Time mini, and the TMNT-GB crossover. Plus Secret History of the Foot Clan. My point here is that IDW is touching on EVERY aspect of TMNT that they can! They aren’t just doing it to do it either, it all fits within the grand story that Tom Waltz, Kevin Eastman, and Bobby Curnow are telling us! What I have come to realize is that in this series there are multiple points of view. YES there are good and bad guys, but with this series specifically… The mutanimals just have a different point of view. HELL if you wanna really get technical… Hob is Magneto like…. in his ambition to have the mutants rule over the humans. So Mutanimals will be a four issue mini, and it focuses on Hob and the Muranimals. I honestly have no idea what to expect from this series. That being said I’m loving it so far!!!

TMNT Mutanimals #1 Page 1

On the creative team here you have Paul Allor on writing, Andy Kuhn on art, with Nick Filardi on colors. Letters and edits are done by Shawn Lee and Bobby Curnow respectively. Paul Allor has written for IDW’s TMNT before. He has writing on the original Micro series, the villains micro series, Turtles in Time, and more. So now they bring him in on Mutanimals. I love this choice!!!!

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The greatest thing about the IDW TMNT ongoing series is that no matter the writer the books feel as if they are all one voice. With this series sticking to a straight forward continuity driven story, that is one of the best parts!!! Normally when new writers come in on comics I read, they have their way with how a character might sound different in the writing. What I’m most excited for with Allor writing these four issues… is to see where he will tug at our heart-strings! He did it so well with Donatello in the TMNT Turtles in Time series, and I’m sure I’ll be surprised when he does it here. This first issue of Mutanimals focuses on Lindsey and Pigeon Pete. It also gives us a look at how this tam lives. Allor excels at nailing each character, while introducing us to a new character in Jillian. Out of the Mutanimals group the one I like the most is Mondo Gecko! He’s just a radical dude!!!! Plus we need more skateboarding in the TMNT series!!!! After they rescue Pete, Hob wants to find out where they were taking him. Turns out there is a mysterious CEO and yet another Lab similar to what Stockgen was. As the issue progresses…. the Mutanimals end up rescusing another mutant. I’ll leave that as a surprise though. Really love Paul Allor’s style, and the story he starts here is going to be very intriguing for learning more about Hob and his Mutanimals.

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Andy Kuhn and Nick Filardi do an amazing job. Not only with the character designs, but the backgrounds and colors. I love the different angles on Pete, and how goofy, yet scary the artists can make him look. When we get to the lab part of the issue, I’m not sure if it’s me or what, but the art seems to change. The scenes with Lindsey and Jillian seem more matte finish rather than glossy. I’m not complaining here, just point it out. It kinda reminds me of the Babs Tarr art style from the current run of Batgirl of Burnside. The rest of the team… Hob, Slash, Gecko, and Herman all look great!!! The action lines are very cool, and really make you feel like you could be the one being thrown outta a van. I know Pete is a less intelligent character, but every time I see him hurt I feel sorry for him. Kuhn and Filardi do an excellent job conveying emotions on all the characters.

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Final Thoughts:

Mutanimals #1 is a great start to the adventures we are gonna have with Hob and his team. Once again it’s gonna be interesting to explore this part of the TMNT universe for IDW. You can get TMNT Mutanimals #1 now at your local comic shop, or digitally on Comixology. Can’t wait til issue #2 to see what happens next.

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