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Captain Ruggels Gaming – Planet Prospector Looks Promising – Play Test

Keep and Eye on this one:
Planet Prospector – Space Logistics Simulator Early Access Play Test

A new Space Simulation Game that is like Trucking Simulator in Space. Deliver Cargo, Run Missions to and From Earth’s new Colony.

Planet Prospector is an open World Space Logistics Simulator set in the future where humanity have just started the BIG colonization effort of a new found world. experience seamless space to planet flight. Manage fuel economy and jump ranges as you fly across fully scaled planets and moons delivering cargo.

You Can check the Game out on Steam here:

00:00:00 – Planet Prospector
00:00:52 – Controls
00:02:20 – Space Station
00:04:46 – Jump Drive & Refueling
00:07:18 – Nobody Get Stranded
00:08:08 – Starfield Doesn’t have this
00:10:03 – Away We Go

THIS IS A PLAY TEST VERSION OF THE GAME SO, Please bear in mind that this is a super early build and there are place holders/temp sound effects etc. Everything is Subject to Change

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