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Captain Ruggels Gaming – Looting Caves! Facing Mutants! | Sons Of The Forest

07/13/2023 – 9:00pm EST

Prepare for an adrenaline-fueled adventure tonight! In the thrilling episode of “Son’s Of The Forest-Wrecking Crew,” join myself, Kai & Bradley as we go deep into the heart of a treacherous cave system, determined to unearth ancient treasures amidst a menacing horde of mutants and cannibals! Brace yourself as we fearlessly navigate the mysterious island, battling unimaginable horrors and showcasing our unwavering bravery. Don’t miss a moment of the exhilaration – tune in and prepare to be enthralled!

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Captain Ruggels loves gaming, plays all sorts of game types and Genres but mainly Survival, First Person Shooters and Looter Shooters. Please feel free to leave a comment. ALL comments will be replied to.

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