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Captain Ruggels Gaming – Explore, Extract and GET RICH Mining in Space Bourne 2

Space Bourne 2 is a game where you must explore and exploit the galaxy and it’s resources. Mining plays a crucial role in the game, as it is the primary means by which you obtain the resources required to upgrade your ship and meet other mission objectives. This game runs way better than Star Citizen, that’s for sure.

Here’s a quick mining guide for Space Bourne 2:
1. Choose your mining tool wisely: Space Bourne 2 offers a variety of mining tools that are suited to different situations. For example, you might use a hand-held laser miner for Planetary mining or a Misactor for asteroids.
2. Scan for resources: Before you start mining, use your mining Ship’s scanner to locate the best prospects for ore in the asteroid fields. The scanner will highlight any nearby asteroids or mineral-rich nodes that you can mine.
3. Use your ship’s equipment: Your ship has Misactor that can quickly break down rocks and extract their resources. Use your ship’s equipment to maximize your mining efficiency.
4. Head to resource-rich areas: The best place to get ore in Space Bourne 2 is by heading to asteroids.
By mastering the art of mining in Space Bourne 2, you’ll be able to upgrade your ship, buy new weapons and equipment, and tackle more challenging missions. Happy mining!


00:00:00 – Finding a Mining Guild
00:01:30 – Miners Guild Registration
00:03:04 – Asteroid Field Mining with Mining Laser
00:05:02 – Purchase Mining Ship & Components
00:06:02 – Equip Mining Components to Mining Ship
00:06:35 – Misactor Ship Mining
00:07:00 – Ore Spreadsheet

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