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Captain Ruggels Gaming – Cowboy Caviar and a Party | Far Cry 5 Ep.10

After the Defeat of John Seed, we work our way to the Angry Bull’s to Clip their wings for the Montana Annual Testy-Festy. It is Party time folks and We will not be eating any Balls.


00:00:00 – Intro
00:00:40 – Get to the Car
00:01:54 – Nice Truck
00:02:30 – Release The Cows!
00:03:56 – Mating Season
00:04:49 – Flaming Bull
00:06:08 – Not my Fence, Not my Problem
00:07:08 – P-A-R-T-Y… Cuz I Gotta
00:08:15 – Shovel VS Pig

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