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Captain Ruggels Gaming – Could #SpaceBourne2 Outshine Star Citizen? The Potential for the new Sci-Fi Gaming Frontier

This game has the potential to Outshine Star Citizen in the Sci-Fi Gaming Frontier. This developer has weekly updates to fix issues and bugs. He is not adding content for a while and is just now focusing on optimizing and making everything run better for the players.

This is a Basic Tutorial for Beginners to enjoy, as I learn the game I point out basic controls for quick learning and Play the First Mission. Or if you just enjoy watching someone new play this then Hell yeah, this is for you. Thanks for Watching!

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About Captain Ruggels: He is a Married Father of 3 boys. Works a full time job on top of creating content and supporting his family. Being a YouTube creator is what he has always wanted to do and has always wanted to entertain others. Going by the Gamer Tag Captain Ruggels or “Ruggels” was first adopted back in 1999/2000 from an old 3DO game called Army Men 2. There was a plastic soldier named S. Ruggels and the name was adopted then.

Captain Ruggels loves gaming, plays all sorts of game types and Genres but mainly First Person Shooters and Looter Shooters. Please feel free to leave a comment. ALL comments will be replied to.

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