Review of The Walking Dead Mid Season Finale (Spoilers)

Thanks to the inter-web,  the “most predictable,” moment of the mid season finale was the death of Beth Greene.   On one hand, I knew her time was coming.   On the other hand, I was hoping the writers would wait a while.   Then forget the whole thing.   It just didn’t just  affect the cast, but fans as well.   On AMC’s The Talking Dead, creator Robert Kirkman stated that in a post end of the world scenario no one is safe.   That’s all well and good, but this was Beth Greene.   Why not Noah?   Or new comer Percy?   I’m not saying I wanted them dead.    Yet, I’m still going through Beth withdraws.

The Walking Dead 5x07

So let’s get into it, first off Rick has become the new Shane.   The episode took place after last weeks episode.   Where Office Bob Lamson attempted to escape Rick’s group.   His hands still tied behind his back, out running walkers.   While Rick was  in hot pursuit while slicing  a walker in mid sprint.   Rick eventually mowed Officer Lamson down with a cop car.   Stating that “You can’t go back, Bob.”   Which was a reference from the season five premier.   Rick decided that the new Bob couldn’t be trusted, so Rick pulled a Shane.   Killing Bob in cold blood.


The problem is that, it’s not telling the viewers what they already know.   Granted it didn’t get his entire group killed.   Actually the more I think about it, had the group let Rick act all Shane-ick.   Beth might have lived.   If I recall Rick didn’t want to take hostages and negotiate a exchange.   Since I am out of hands, I’ll go with fingers. As if even if Beth lived  how much longer would she’d stay alive?   Would have  Noah and Beth become an item? We’ll never know, also what was the point of this story arc?


If you are an coward like Father Gabriel then you’ll survive longer?   But if you toughen up, and become brave like Beth you’ll die faster/easier?   It has mixed messages, and the only thing I can think of is ratings.   More people will tune in when a major character dies.   Yet, the actors have made some characters memorable.   Also the villains are coming off like Super Mario Bosses.   Officer Dawn came off as the Kammy Koopa regarding  this arc.

At least the Governor was likable at times.   With his smooth talking, and personalty.   Plus he was torn about the hows and whys of survival.   Dawn was one note, she was just a control freak.   The fact that she was an Caucasian police officer doesn’t seem to help.   Since in R-E-A-L life cops in the south haven’t gotten the best press lately.   Dawn wasn’t hard to read, as well as  what was left of the Atlanta Police Dept.   They were all cracking under the stress of keeping the hospital running.   As well as making sure that their “wards,” never leave.




Sadly after the smoke settled and dust cleared.   It was one of the weakest arc’s in Walking Dead History.   Not to mention the weakest mid season finale to boot.   Nothing really happened, with the exception of the last ten minutes.   Rick was hoping to exchange two of the officers he captured for Beth and Carol.   Dawn wanted Noah because Beth took Noahs place, after she helped him escape.    I’m not sure what the point was.  Other than what I stated before Dawn was a control freak.   There was also a supposed power struggle with Officer O’Donnel.

However all that did was subtract  another corrupt cop.  Which asks another idiotic question?   Which cop was good?   Which one was bad?   Now that the arc is over and Dawn is dead, the bad cops turn good?   I dunno, it hurts my head.   Speaking of which, Beth hid a pair of scissors in her arm cast.   She tried to stab Dawn in the neck with them.   But Dawn  was wearing armor and shot Beth in the head.   Which caused Daryl to shoot Dawn in the head.   I think she tired to mutter “I didn’t mean to.”   But C’mon we knew she wasn’t going to live.


As for the Father Gabriel sub plot, it was also pointless.   He had to go to the spot where the  hunters were feasting on victims.   I get it that if he made a deal with the hunters.  They would let him live, if he provided “food.”   We also get an cameo of Bob’s leg.   Again, what was the point?   He attracted walkers and it  caused him to run back to the church, with walkers in pursuit.   Almost killing Carl, Judith and Michonne in the process.   But, Sgt Ford and company decided to go  back to the church.  Saving the day and then finding out where Team Rick was.   Only to show up a little too late.

Daryl came out of the hospital with a dead Beth.   Maggie (who hasn’t mentioned her sister for several episodes), had an emotional breakdown.   Oh, and what happens with the remaining survivors at the hospital? Well who cares, the story arc is over.  Let’s hope that season five part two can pick up the pieces of this flustered cluck of a mid season finale.

Fein-Al Verdict

A weak and predictable plot.   As in let’s just hurry up and kill Beth.   The Dawn and Beth scenes never paid off.   The dialogue was just weak.   The whole Officer O’Donnel/Dawn fight was fast paced, but pointless.   Father Gabriel should just die for him being an coward.  And almost costing Carl’s and Judith’s life.   Killing a major character wants to make me tune out, not in.

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