Review Of The Walking Dead Episode Spend (Spoilers).

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before.  There is a man, he’s told by the doctor he has cancer.  He has only six months to live.  The man, is scared, angry, you get the idea.  Six months go by, and he’s feeling better.  He decides to get a second opinion.  The cancer miraculously goes away.  The man decides to live live to the fullest.  While going on a bike ride through Central Park, N.Y.C.   He’s ambushed by muggers and killed instantly.  Where is the fairness in that?  Or what was the point of the first paragraph?


Noah, was introduced to us in the beginning of season five.  I never saw Everybody Hates Chris.  But I know of the actor.  And like most characters who are introduced to this series.  You can take it one or two ways.  You’ll either get to know them for a while.  Anywhere from one to two years.  Or they’ll get killed off in a few episodes.  Some fans did complain about his arc.  He was (let’s be honest), a slave in an hospital.  Something that was heavily criticized.  White cops, or at least one white cop.  Keeping Noah as a ward (or slave).  Either way, I was hoping to see his aftermath.

We fast forward to the second half of season five.  Team Rick, helps Noah to get home.  Only to find that his Town and Country development.  Has been decimated by both “Hunters and Walkers.”  He is then adopted by Team Rick. Then wondering where the writers would take him.  As last night’s episode opened.  Noah is interested in building. Possibly making the walls of Alexandria stronger.


Instead, he goes out on a run.  With Tara, Glenn, Aiden, and Nick.  Oh, and let’s not forget Eugene.  You remember him don’t ya?  The supposed fast talking scientist.  That turned out to be a fraud?  Well tonight, he finally became useful.  Not an 100 percent useful.  But I’ll take what I can get.  Also Sgt. Ford became the best, darn building leader for the community.  Which was one of the smartest ideas ever.  With his military background.  He could whip these rag tag bunch of misfits into shape.  It will also keep his mind busy.  And for him to stop feeling all “Emo,” from previous episodes.


There was also a continuation from the whole Scar-ol/Sam sub-plot.  Last week she threatened him with leaving him tied to a tree.  But would reward him with cookies.  If he wouldn’t squeal on her taking guns.  This week he just had cookies on the brain.  And hinted that his father.  The town doctor/drunk has been beating him and Jesse.  Which is bad news for Pete.  Since Rick has been taking a shine to Jesse and Sam.  The episode did end with Carol telling Rick. That killing the abusive Pete was the only solution.   And if you know both Carol and Rick.  They know how to finalize solution’s.

The most talked about moment was the death of Noah.  With #EveryoneateChris all over the inter-web.  I’m sure you don’t remember the 1997 cult classic The Relic?   It appeared in early January.  The set up was The Chicago Field Museum.  There was this monster.  And well panic, followed by people attempting to escape.  And crushing each other via a revolving door.  Why even in Alan Moore’s classic The Watchmen.  The hero Dollar Bill’s cape was trapped in a revolving door.  Causing his demise, those darn doors.   I thought I saw it all.  Yet this episode, redefined my fear for these doors.  Oh, and let’s not forget Gremlins 2.


I wasn’t a fan of either Aiden and Nick.  But at one point I was hoping they’d listen to Glenn.  On the other hand, I’m glad Aiden was torn to pieces.  He was an obnoxious smart ass, who won’t be missed.  I’d like to say, I didn’t want him dead.  On the other hand, too many characters.  Nick somehow got away from the walkers.  During this run at a abounded building.  Leaving his team for dead.  Yet, it was Eugene.  Who not only drove a van with Techno music. To try to distract the walkers.  But also stood up to an cowardly Nick.  It’s amazing what the end of the world can do to a person.

The Fein-Al Verdict.

And speaking of cowards, how ’bout Father Gabriel?  Trying to convince Deena that Rick and crew.  Are the Devil himself and his minions in disguise.  Gabriel has been cowardly since the beginning.  Problem is that Maggie was hidden in the distance.  And you know she’ll warn Rick.   I don’t know how much longer Gabe will last.  But it’s time for him to become walker fodder.  My prediction will be Rick killing Pete.  Team Rick owning this town.   Becoming the thing they hate.  And then finding some sort of redemption.   Kind of like the famous Justice league, A Better World episode. Now if you excuse me.  I’ve got some Techno Music to listen to.


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