Review of Gotham Episode Strike Force (Spoilers)

Seriously what is the Gotham’s deal?  With not writing solid lines?  For the female characters.?   Are there any female writers, on the show?  I’m going to guess not.  It’s been an year and a half.  Either the woman of Gotham.  Are either using their sexuality.  Come off as secretly being. Scared little girls, or lack any emotion at all.   Believe me we’ll get there.  When we get there.   But first, Michael Chiklis.   As the new Captain of the G.C.P.D.   For better or for worse.  He’s here to stay.


Wait a moment, this is Gotham.  By that I mean the T.V. show.   He could just be an guest.    Where his character could be build up.   Then taken away rather quickly.   After all Maroni is gone, Falcone is gone, Fish is gone.   We just lost Commissioner Esson and Jerome.  I give the writers two – three more episodes.  Before they make an excuse.  To bump off the G.C.P.D.’s newest addition.   Granted he’s an Jarhead.  In minutes he fired several corrupt officers.  And made Jim Gordon, second in command.   On the other hand.  We’re getting closer for Jim.  To becoming the new Commish.


Next we’ve got the (cough, cough), main event.  Theo did reference about Gotham’s very first brick.   If I’m not too mistaken.  The Court, has been around.  Since Gotham laid its very first brick.   So if you put two and two together. We’re getting an Court of Owls story-line.   They have gotten an huge cult following.  I’ve heard rumors about.  The Court making an appearance.    Anyway Theo has blackmailed.  The Penguin to take out.  Two candidates for Mayor.  Since Mayor McSweaty (Richard Kind). Has disappeared, or been axed?  It is still unclear. Also the Penguin’s mother has been kidnapped.   Now I have two issues with this piece of writing.   One if Penguin has Mr. Zazz.  As well as Butch.  On his side, why.  Would he be intimidated, by Theo’s threats?   To me it’s just an excuse.  To take down Penguin way too early.


As I stated before.  The writers of Gotham.  Do not know how to write.  For the females on the show.  Case in point, Barbara.  Last season, she was a pair of legs.   This season, she was turning into Harley.   Then last night’s episode.   She was just in a nightgown.  And making out with Theo’s sister.   Two women kissing, “sigh.”  That’s so Monday Night Raw 2002.  When Eric Bischoff, had to bring in.  The hot lesbians to help with ratings.  Remember that horrible gimmick?  No?  Consider yourself lucky kids.   Then Selena Kyle, who just.  Came out of no where to talk to Bruce.  While he was about to picked up at boarding school.  Only to have Alfred.  Smack the taste out of her mouth.  Claiming it was for his lost friend Reggie.

First off, this was an character.  In season one, who attempted.  To kill Alfred and Bruce.  Granted he and Alfred were once friends.   But for those who don’t remember that season one episode.   Go check it out for yourself.  ‘Cause I’m never watching the fluster – cluck.  Of Season One ever again.   Second Selena Kyle or not.  No one had an issue.  Of Alfred rasining an hand.  To a female, an female child no less.  Out in the open, in board daylight?   And just like that.  Selena (or I should say her stunt double), just flips away.  Why didn’t Selena stick around.   And talk to Bruce?   Bruce could’ve given his side.  Of the Reggie incident.

Let’s not forgot the supposed female.   Mayor candidate that was killed by Penguin.   Her performance and line reads.  Felt like something out of an Friday the 13th film.   Granted Penguin, was blackmailed.  By Theo to kill his opponents.  So Theo can run and win.  As Mayor by an landslide.   But why did this woman quiver?   This is the 21st century after all.  Fight back, give an Star Wars.  “You strike me down.  And I’ll become more powerful,” speech.   Hey remember that old man.  Who stood up to Loki in The Avengers?   Something, anything would’ve been better.  Then her begging for her life.   She might as well been in her underwear.  Begging and pleading, as Penguin walked slowly.  Without any dialogue as she was being stabbed to death.

Let’s talk about Penguin being forced.  To kill her while we’re at it.   The whys were explained.  But Penguin walking in Penguin walk?   Wearing his most famous outfit?   Ok, he did wear an ski mask.   But still, he didn’t even disguise his voice.   It’s something out of Batman ’66. Where he’s trying to be someone else.  But is not even trying to conceal his identity.   Why wasn’t Butch sent in?   Mr. Zazz is working for Penguin.   I keep going around and around.   Was Penguin’s mind clouded?  With losing his mother?  He doesn’t need Theo.  To kidnap his mother and destroy, his empire.  Penguin is capable to destroying his empire on his own.   Saving the most awkward for last.

The whole Kristen Kringle/Riddler story.   Riddler is creepier than ever.  He’s got an split personality.   Kris Kringle always looks.  Like she’s stuck in the ’50’s.  He does invite her to dinner.  It not only came off as creepy.  It had nothing to do with the episode.   He almost spills the beans.  That he killed her abusive boyfriend.   He reveals that he hears an voice.  In his head, and she.  Just laughs it off.   Like ok no biggie.  She is cuti-ful.  But why as an audience member.  Should I be invested in her?   Who is she really?   Why is she dressed like?  She is ready to go.  To an sock hop?   We didn’t get that answer or any answers, regarding her.

The Fein-Al Verdict.

Ok, this episode reminded me.  Of an Season Seven episode.  Of The Simpsons, where.  Lisa decided to become an vegetarian.  She crashes Homer’s Barb -B -Q.   Homer and Bart are trying.  To get an run away roast pig.  Homer is like, “The pig is still.  Grimy, it’s still good, it’s still good.”   That’s what this episode was like.  It had some good ideas.  I love How Michael Chiklis.  Is the G.C.P.D.’s new boss.   Also it proves my point.  He would’ve been an better.  Bullock than Donal Louge.  Alfred had Bruce had an opportunity.   For an training montage.   But it was just dialogue.   Alfred telling Bruce to run home.   While he was driving the limo.  Felt more like an sitcom.   Than Alfred and Bruce bonding.

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