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Tonight’s episode  was more like a reboot of the pilot.   Which was not a bad thing, we get The Balloon Man.   Think of him as a “F,” graded Arkham villain.   Or even better, an D.C. Silver Age villain.   The episode also gave us a better bond between Alfred and Bruce.   Alfred as come off as a hired thug than butler in this series.   Tonight he tries to be a foster parent figure.


The scenes where Bruce and Alfred are fencing  work.   I took it as, Alfred is trying to get Bruce to help vent his anger.  Of course we get Bruce watching the news, reading the newspaper.   We’re getting how both will understand each other decades from now.   We’re getting a taste of Bruce’s training.

We also got a little more of Jim Gordon’s finance.  We know of Barbara Gordon, (Jim’s Daughter/sometimes niece).   Yet, we rarely get Barbara Gordon’s (Jim’s Wife), appearance in any form of media.  So it’s nice to see her in this universe.   Portrayed by actress Erin Richards, we’re seeing how supportive she is towards Jim.


We also hear/see that she has had a “past,” along with Renee Montoya.  She’s played by Victoria Cartagena. Again maybe it’s me…but I liked the voice actress from Batman the Animated Series.    Victoria is pretty, but I don’t see her as the tough as nails Montoya.    Getting back to the focuses on tonight’s episode, we continuing to see Cobblepot’s rise.

Last week he rented a trailer outside of Gotham to start his empire.   Tonight, he gets a job as a busboy for a restaurant run by the mob.   I still think that Robin Lord Taylor, is the real star.   I love his dialect, diction, mannerisms as the socially awkward Penguin.   The other focus is who will save Gotham, when a good portion of the GCPD is corrupt?


Basically an average joe will take the law into his own hands.   He stalks the “easily corrupt,” in Gotham.  From an embezzler to an G.C.P.D. Lt, to an Priest.   He handcuffs his victims to weather balloons and watches them flies away.  There is one memorable moment where the balloon pops.  The latest victim to be tied to balloon falls and sadly crushes a elderly dog walker.

Fein-al Thoughts

Watching a young Bruce Wayne glued to T.V.   Having an “adult conversation,” with Alfred about the unknown vigilante punishing the corrupt.  Knowing what he will become…been there done that.   Yet, it was tightly written.  The same goes between Bullock and Gordon.  They also discuss the Balloon mans motives.  Gordon knows that murder is not the answer.   Bullock feels that if The G.C.P.D. is corrupt, The Balloon man is a godsend.  For me this is the best chemistry between the two.


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The episode wasn't full of gas.

The Balloon man and Arkham's grand reopening... is a great way to describe what's to come. The Alfred and Bruce scenes were memorable. Robin Lord Taylor, can do no wrong.

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