David S Pumpkins, the New Halloween Special that’s “It’s own thang…”

So who is David S Pumpkins and what does he have to do with Halloween, well as he’ll tell you, “He’s his own thang…”

Taking it back to a year ago and I would have never though a skit would return as many times as this one and have the cult following it has. However SNL has gotten something right from it’s almost Beetlejuice film formula.

This started as a clip on SNL’s 42nd Season for Halloween as seen below:

This year for the 43rd, they’d prepared for the revival only with a 20 minute television special aired prior to the Halloween Special of SNL.

I was excited to see this as a fan of the short and one of the crazy people who purchased a David Pumpkins web domain in which actually links to this very page.

Now with the return of David (S) Pumpkins, we have the actual special from the show to enjoy where he saves Halloween in the most interesting and odd ways while reusing the previous year’s skit in animated form.

I will preface the below as an edit found on YouTube where someone has altered the vocals to play it since it’s not available in any other fashion.

All in all I enjoyed it for what it was but it wasn’t at all what I expected. There were some moments that felt like the skit but it was a bit just weird in how it attempted to string along an entire episode on this premise. Not saying it was terrible but I think this would be something almost better as a SNL film where it was explored more in some capacity. Then again that could be too long. In either case check it out.

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