Newsflash: You CAN Repair Apple Products

Apple products are unquestionably some of the most in-demand products in the tech industry. The Apple brand is often associated with innovative products and outstanding customer service which can make the sticker price of any Apple product well worth the investment.

However, very few manufacturers offer lifetime warranties, and at some point, you may find your Apple product in need of a repair but unsure if it’s something you can do on your own or if the device is a lost cause that must be replaced entirely. Just like any other tech, Apple products can be repaired and it’s not always necessary to have them repaired by solely by an Apple store employee.

What Can Be Repaired

The awesomeness of Apple products may leave some feeling that DIY repairs are off limits for this brand. Not only is this not true but some DIY repairs are offered through Apple where they will send you the parts and you provide the labor. Keep in mind that if you’re still under warranty it may be in your best interest to go through Apple for your repair as DIY repairs or repairs by nonauthorized third-party stores will void your warranty.

Dr. Fone explains that almost all software related issues can be repaired from home without making a trip to an Apple Genius Bar. This includes storage issues, failure to update, unexpected restarts, screen freezes, and apps not loading. All of the troubleshooting steps that an Apple Store employee would perform to determine if your issue is hardware or software related can be done through a series of steps that a phone representative can walk you through.

Though an extreme last measure step to resolve software issues, taking your smartphone, tablet, MacBook, Mac, or Apple Watch back to its factory settings and not installing a backup can resolve most software issues. Sometimes your software issue can be saved on a backup, so reinstalling it just brings back your problem.

What Can Be Replaced

When it comes to non-software related problems there are still quite a bit you can do on your own. iMore explains that for iPhones, the most common issue is arguably a cracked screen. With Macs or MacBooks, you may find that your issue is a failing graphics card or hard drive. iPads and iPhones tend to have similar issues when they fail due to being run with iOS over the Mac OS.

Here is a list of Apple parts that can be replaced if they break:

  • Graphic cards
  • Hard drives
  • Screens
  • Ports
  • Logic boards
  • Batteries

How to Do It

Now let’s get the meat of it. How do you replace your iPhone battery or replace your cracked screen without ending up worse off than you started? Some newer model iPhone parts aren’t as easy to access as the older models. That being said, Ion explains that the display and battery are still very accessible, and the increased waterproofing doesn’t seem to make it any harder to open. Apple also seems to be paying some attention to consumer demand by maximizing battery size.

If you’re looking to replace the screen on an iPhone 7 or 7 plus then iMore will walk you through the process in a relatively painless fashion. iMore also has walkthroughs on how to fix an unresponsive home button as well as replacing dock connectors. MacWorld is another cool site for DIY walkthroughs and don’t forget that Apple has a library of troubleshooting resources for customers on their website.

Repairing your Apple product doesn’t have to be hard and it can save you money. There are tons of resources to help you salvage your device so that it doesn’t end up being an expensive yet stylish paperweight. Whether it’s an iOS device such as an iPhone or iPad, your Apple watch, or your OS devices, look into repairing your issue before tossing your investment.

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