Geek Your Home: Three Tech Toys For Your Superhero Hideout

You may not be Tony Stark, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use some of his tech. This is the age of the Internet, where the IoT, or the Internet of Things, exists in your pocket. 90% of the general population has some sort of smart device on them at all times, after all. How, though, can you embrace your inner superhero without the latest and greatest of home technologies? See if you can’t deck out your secret lair with some of the following.

Stellar Sound Bars

Move over, surround sound. The soundbar is integrating itself into home entertainment systems thanks to its AI connection and improved sound quality. Polk and Vizio both strive to make quality soundbars that’ll make your entertainment experience more immersive. Don’t worry about evil AI making it more difficult for you to watch a movie, though. You can either make peace with Amazon’s Alexa and integrate her into your own Internet of Things, or you can opt to find a soundbar that’s AI-free.

Secure Smart Locks

As more technology makes its way into your home, you’re going to want to do what you can to keep it – and yourself – safe. Enter the smart lock. These locks use the IoT, Bluetooth, and digital surveillance to ensure that the only people entering your home are the people you want there. Samsung pushes its fingerprint-recognizing smart lock, while Alibaba has a number of voice-activated locks at the ready. Whichever path you choose, connecting a smart lock to your front door takes you one step closer to keeping your superhero hideout private and secure.

Automatic Home Cleaners

What if you’re looking for an AI assistant that’s a little more physical than Siri or Alexa? The development of home cleaning robots makes this wish a reality. These robot cleaners with voice control don’t require your direct assistance or nudging. Instead, you can sit back and let them get to work, redirecting them with a single word. Consider an iRobot or a Bissell brand cleaner the next time you want to have someone – or something – else spruce up your home.

There’s no need to leave superhero technology between the pages of a comic book. The same imagination that inspired the adventures of fantastic superheroes has led to leaps and bounds in the development of home technology. So: determine what level of tech is right for you, and find the tech you need to feel a little more like a superhero.

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