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POGS – Tales Of Eternia – Episode 11

In Episode 11 of the Tales Of Eternia join OptimusSolo and TFG1Mike as they continue their trek through Eternia. This week we find ourselves discovering “The Mystery of Man-E-Faces”, after that we find out just who the “Keeper of the Ruins” is, and finally we explore “The Region of Ice” all in this exciting journey through Eternia. BY THE POWER OF GRAYSKULL WE HAVE THE POWER!!!!

Cringer The Cake Carrier!

TOE Ep 11 #1

Hypnotizing Falcon!

TOE Ep 11 #2

He keeps the Power Sword behind a wall of books??

TOE Ep 11 #3

Transformation while sitting in the Wind Raider

TOE Ep 11 #4


The Monster Face

TOE Ep 11 Man E Face #1

The Robot Face

TOE Ep 11 Man E Face #2

The Skeletor Face

TOE Ep 11 Man E Face #4

The Beast Man Face

TOE Ep 11 Man E Face #5

The Orko Head

TOE Ep 11 Man E Face #6

Man-E-Faces at your service

TOE Ep 11 Man E Face #3


Kevin “OptimusSolo” Thompson

Mike “TFG1” Blanchard


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TFG1Mike is a geek with many interests. He has been podcasting for over a decade, and sees no stopping point in sight. From Transformers, He-Man, Batman, Comics, movies, video games, cartoons, and so much more, Mike has a zeal for the things he loves, and he will bring the hammer down on the things that he has a disdain for. He's generally a postive person, but negativity can creep in there. Mike is all about the innuendos and innuendon'ts too. You'll hear him on many of The GCRN podcasts!


  1. “The Mystery of Man-E-Faces” was a bit of a letdown for me. I was very excited about
    seeing the backstory of Men-E-Faces, and I liked how they took us into the past to tell his story, but the plot was rather simple; he didn’t know if he was good or bad, so he terrorized the Widgets and others? It left me wanting more. There were moments that were okay, but I agree that the tear-shedding was lame. We didn’t need that. I wonder if that was added by the directory, animators, or someone other than the writer? I also found it strange that Adam hides his sword behing a secret cabinet. Orkos: 3

    ”Keeper of the Ruins” had its issues, I grant you that. The falcon that seems to have no significance prior to this story, and I thought that perhaps I had missed something when he appeared; then there’s the storm that He-Man banishes to the underground. Come on. What was that? I can go for some crazy stuff, but that was just ridiculous. However, I enjoyed most of this episode, minus those things and another teary-eyed character, this time a robot, no less. I liked the setting of the ruins. I liked that Man-At-Arms is helping the scientist, too. Then throw in Trap-Jaw going after Teela, which probably wasn’t entirely necessary but it gave us more to chew on during the episode. Orkos: 3.5

    “The Region of Ice” is one I need to watch again. I liked what I saw, but I was so tired I drifted off to sleep before it had finished. Orko pretending to be He-Man seemed ridiculous to me. I didn’t understand how someone would fall for Orko being the strong, powerful He-Man when he’s a floating entity who looks anything but strong…although he could be powerful since he is a magician, but then, I doubt Eternians understand He-Man to be a magician even though he has mystic powers.

    You mentioned the Sorceress being in her human form outside of Grayskull. I believe she actually was projecting herself, she was not physically present. She either faded in or faded out, as I recall, which would explain how her human form could appear outside of the castle. And you also mentioned how she gets weak and is easily overthrown. My wife said the same thing. She does seem to be overpowered a lot.

    Overall I agree with you guys. Like Kevin, I was excited to watch He-Man, as I didn’t see it often growing up, and I know the animation has its limitations, but I have been entertained by it. It isn’t a show I would watch a lot of in one sitting necessarily, but it has been fun. Way better than MASK. :)

    1. interesting take on the Sorceress, but I don’t think projections are that solid looking in color.

      Yes Tim Wayyyy better then MASK. LOL

      1. If it faded in or out it could be perfectly solid and still be a projection – i’ll have to watch more closely for that going forward!

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