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The Voice S4 Top 8

Season 4

This week was the Top 8 Live Performances, and then the results from that. I think this week was good and bad for my enjoyment of the competition. I really only loved four competition performances. Below are the Top 8 Performances and Results with my opinions on each.  

There were several non competition performances on both nights, you can find them below as well.

Blake Shelton – Boys Round Here

Judith Hill, Sasha Allen, Sarah Simmons, and Michelle Chamuel sang Diamonds

Amber Carrington, Holly Tucker, Danielle Bradberry, and The Swon Brothers sang Something More

Sheryl Crow with Team Blake sang Easy

Judith Hill & Michelle Chamuel sang Sweet Nothing

Sasha Allen & The Swon Brothers sang Don’t You Wanna Stay

Danielle Bradberry & Sarah Simmons sang A Thousand Years

Holly Tucker & Amber Carrington sang Does He Love You

The Voice S4 Top 8 Vote

Top 8 Live Performances:

The Voice S4 Team Adam

Team Adam:

Sarah Simmons sang Somebody That I Used To Know

It is so obvious when contestants are setup to fail. Now I’m not saying The Voice is conspiring against people, but as I’ve stated throughout season 4m it all comes down to song choice. This was a crappy choice for Srah in my opinion. She sang the song very well, but it didn’t make me want to vote for her. If it didn’t make me wanna vote for her, I’m sure the rest of America felt the same way.

You can get Sarah Simmons’ version of Somebody that I Used To Know here

Judith Hill sang #thatPower

Judith’s song choices whether done by her or what she’s given by Adam, have always been a roller coaster. This week the rollercoaster ran off the rails. I just wasn’t moved or really felt anything with this song. It wasn’t like last week when she tributed Michael Jackson. That meant something, this was just trashy radio pop singing.

You can get Judith Hill’s version of #thatPower here

Amber Carrington sang SkyFall

Amber’s version of SkyFall is awesome! So much better then the raspy screeching hell that is Adele and the original version. Absolutely loved Amber’s rendition.

You can get Amber Carrington’s version of SkyFall here

The Voice S4 Team Blake

Team Blake:

Holly Tucker sang DONE

Damn Holly, Damn!!!! Once again The Voice turns me onto songs I’d never been exposed to before. I loved holly’s rendition of Done. It was great!!!!! I think the competition at this point will come down to her or Danielle.

You can get Holly Tucker’s version of DONE Here

The Swon Brothers sang Seven Bridges Road

There are certain artists and songs that just can’t be covered. Sadly I think this was the case with The Swons this week. Don’t get me wrong I’m a fan of these guys, but this was the wrong song choice for them. No one can ever copy the Eagles perfectly at all.

You can get The Swon Brothers’ version of Seven Bridges Road here

Danielle Bradberry sang Grandpa (Tell Me ‘Bout the Good Ol’ Days)

Blake’s lil country girl sang her heart out! I really enjoy when Blake gives his country artists country songs I actually know. Danielle was amazing in this performance. I truly think the final 2 will be her and Holly.

You can get Danielle Bradberry’s version of Grandpa (Tell Me ‘Bout the Good Ol’ Days) here

The Voice S4 Team Shakira

Team Shakira:

Sasha Allen sang Without You

I get it that the coaches want their artists to be challenged and all that. to me Sasha is a classic female singer. Tunes like At Last are more her thing,  versus some popular song of today.

You can get Sasha Allen’s version of Next To Me Here

The Voice S4 Team Usher

Team Usher:

Michelle Chamuel sang Grenade 

I know i’ve said before that it’s hit or miss with Michelle, and damn if this aint a hit. Initially I thought it wasn’t that great, but I was distrated by other stuff I had to do on the night of the show. After going back and re watching this performance, well she kicked ass!!!!!! I’ve heard other artists cover this Bruno Mars song, and I hadn’t liked it until now.

You can get Michelle Chamuel’s version of Grenade here

The Voice S4 Top 8 Results

On Results night there were some awesome non competition performances. However this was yet another week within Season 4, that I’m just not interested in at all. Holly Tucker, Danielle Bradberry, and Amber Carrington were my three favorites. JudiTH Hill and Sarah Simmons were the contestants eliminated.

Top 8 Performances and Results Final Thoughts: 

I’m liking the Voice Season 4 every other week. That is not a good thing at all. Again I refer you to Season 3, where I loved every moment of it. Well for the most part anyways, but the choices the coaches have made this year are just ugh, meh, arrrgg….. For being the new blood, I don’t think Shakira or Usher will win at all now. Hell I don’t even think Adam will win this year. Blake will become a triple crown champion. Either way bring on the Top 6!!!

The Voice S4 Top 6

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