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The Voice S4 Top 10

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This week was the Top 10 Live Performances, and then the results from that. I do have to say that I’m losing interest in Season 4 of The Voice. It’s the song choices sometimes just throw me for a loop. Last year I was gung ho with every new show. However this year I find myself watching the show after it airs and online at NBC’s website. I dunno what it is, but as S4 continues on I’m just not into it. Below are the Top 10 Performances and Results with my opinions on each.  

There were several non competition performances, you can find them below as well. On results night there was one powerful performance from miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton dedicated to their home state of Oklahoma. They performed Over You.

Maroon 5 – Love Somebody

Blake & Miranda – Over You

Shakira along with her team sang I’ll Stand By You

Team Adam – I’ve Got The Music In Me

Team Blake – Mountain Music

Usher along with his team  sang The Look Of Love

The Voice S4 Premiere The Live Shows Top 12 Perform

Top 12 Live Performances:

The Voice S4 Team Adam

Team Adam:

Sarah Simmons sang Mama Knows Best

Sarah… ooohhh Sarah!!!!!!!! I’m so happy that Adam let the rocker side of Sarah out!!! This was a damn fine performance!!!!!When Sarah sings like this she reminds me, and the rest of the world most likely of Joan Jett!!

You can get Sarah Simmons’ version of Mama Knows Best here

Judith Hill sang The Way You Make Me Feel


Thought Judith’s rendition of this Classic Michael Jackson song was very inspiring. Plus it was close to her heart, so that makes it even more special.

EDITORS NOTE: You might be asking why there is no video embedded. Well at the time of the publishing it wasn’t on NBCTheVoice’s YouTube Channel.

You can get Judith Hill’s version of The Way you Make Me Feel here

Amber Carrington sang Breakaway

Amber really broke away this week! Loved hearing her sing this Kelly Clarkson song. I’ll say that it’s been an interesting road for Amber… Wonder where she will go from here with next week’s song?

You can get Amber Carrington’s version of Breakaway here

The Voice S4 Team Blake

Team Blake:

Holly Tucker sang How Great Thou Art

Holly amazes me every week. Her range is amazing in the songs that she sings. It seems that she can do nearly everything.

You can get Holly Tucker’s version of How Great Thou Art Here

The Swon Brothers sang How Country Feels

The Swon Brothers! Man these guys are the NEW country!!! They did an awesome job with the song, and I really liked it.

You can get The Swon Brothers’ version of How Country Feels here

Danielle Bradberry sang Heads Carolina, Tails California

I’m still really enjoying Danielle. As I said before I wish they’d stop using the angle of she’s the youngest. We get it already. Nice to see her singing a country song that I really enjoy.

You can get Danielle Bradberry’s version of Heads Carolina, Tails California here

The Voice S4 Team Shakira

Team Shakira:

Kris Thomas sang Adorn

REALLY? REALLY? REALLY? Shakira why the hell aren’t you listening to your artists??? Kris said that he had been going through something, hence why he was singing ballads… Then you give him a “fun” song…. RRRREEEEEEEAAAAALLLLYYYYY I can’t wait til Season 5 when Christina is back. Shakira I’m rooting for you to lose!!! As far as Kris… it was the wrong song for him obviously!!!!!!!! He sang it fine, but it didn’t grab my attention as a heart stopping performance of the night!!!!

You can get Kris Thomas’ version of Adorn here

Sasha Allen sang Next To Me

Sasha was very powerful with this song, but I just wasn’t feeling it at all.

You can get Sasha Allen’s version of Next To Me Here

The Voice S4 Team Usher

Team Usher:

Josiah Hawley sang Clocks

Josiah did a great job with this. I don’t care what the coaches say. This might have been the first time I really enjoyed hearing this song. I’ve never been an active Coldplay fan. I’ve heard them sing this song and it’s a cool song, but not a diehard fan of theirs. I thought Josiah did a great job with it.

You can get Josiah Hawley’s version of Clocks here

Michelle Chamuel sang Just Give Me A Reason 

 Michelle this entire season has been hit or miss for me. It all comes down to song choice, and this week I wasn’t into it all. She does have amazing singing skills, but again it just goes to show ya how important song selection is.

You can get Michelle Chamuel’s version of Just Give Me A Reason here

The Voice S4 Premiere The Live Shows Top 12 Results

On Results night there were moments of jot and sorrow. I’ll say right now I was actively voting up until 10am eastern Tuesday morning. I voted for the following artists by phone, buying their song on iTunes, and on the NBC Website. Cody, Terry, Cassadee, Bryan, Dez, and Adriana.

Sadly I predicted to myself on night one what the results would be. I knew that with the dumbass fun song Shakira made Kris sing, that it wouldn’t win the viewers or the studio audience over. And sadly because everyone in the world besides me LOVES Coldplay, I knew Josiah would be going home.

Top 12 Performances and Results Final Thoughts: 

I do have to say that this week did renew my interest in the show. Regardless of what I wrote at the beginning of this post. However it wasn’t like knock down omg I love this! Either way bring on the Top 8!!!

The Voice S4 Top 8

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