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It all comes down to this! Week 3 is the final week of Blind Auditions on The Voice Season 4!! Join TFG1Mike as he gives his thoughts on the final contestants chosen, and not chosen. 

Once again there was a TV Conflict on Monday for The Voice, because I HAD to watch Dallas’s 2 hour ep as well, but I’m all caught up, and ready to give my impressions on the final week of Blind Auditions.

The Blind Auditions Round 5

The Voice S4 Premiere The Blind Auditions R5

Monday Night April 8th was Round 5 of The Blind Auditions…

In the fifth round of the Blinds, I was not connecting with many of the artists that got to be on a team. however there are some I do like.

There were six non selected contestants on night one:

Cameron who sang Justin Beiber’s “As Long As You Love Me”

This is a singing competition! Not a damn dancing competition, he had a cool voice. However I’m glad he wasn’t chosen.

Matt Cermanski who sang Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream”

No, no, no, do not want. It’s mainly the song, Matt has a great voice, but it was the wrong song.

Jane Smith who sang Florence and the Machine’s “You’ve Got the Love”

Didn’t really get into her singing.

Greyland James who sang Hunter Hayes’s “Wanted”

One of the highlight performances of the night, Greyland didn’t make it, but he might have with a different song choice.

Dakota O’Driscoll who sang Taylor Swift’s “Fifteen”

What the hell is it with everyone singing Taylor Swift songs, geezzz… Again a different song might have let Dakota go through.

Brandon Diaz who sang Andy Grammer’s “Fine By Me”

The only Andy Grammer song I’ve ever heard is Keep Your head up. This was decent, but Brandon’s voice needs a little more practice in my mind.

Night One Winners:

S4 Blinds Week 3 Night 1 Artists Who made a team

Each Coach ended up with a variety of team members by the end of the night. Adam and Usher each got three NEW team members, Shakira got two and Blake stole four new team members. Here’s how the teams break down for night one of week 3’s Blinds: 

First off here are the highlight performances. Amy Whitcomb, Jamila Thompson, Justin Rivers, and michelle Raitzin all made teams, but didn’t get full airtime.

The Voice S4 Team Adam Chair

Team Adam:

Michael Austin who sang Keith Urban’s “Somebody Like You”

I love all the teams are very diverse this year. I’m glad Adam has stepped up his game, and stolen a few country artists away from Blake! Michael has a great voice, and can’t wait to see what else Adam has in store for him.

You can get Michael Austin’s version of Somebody Like You Here

Sasha Allen who sang The Dixie Chicks “Not Ready to Make Nice”

Loved the approach here, basically turn a country song on it’s ass! Loved an R&B rendition, Sasha really was great!!!

You can get Sasha Allen’s version of Not Ready To Make Nice Here

Amy Whitcomb who sang Kelly Clarkson’s “Because Of You”

MMM Amy, she’s hot!!! Even though I only saw her for a few seconds in the show. I went back on iTunes and listened to her rendition of the song. I absolutely loved what she did with it.

You can get Amy Whitcomb’s version of Because Of You Here

The Voice S4 Team Blake Chair

Team Blake:

Caroline Glaser who sang Elton John’s “Tiny Dancer”

LOVED this! It was such an interesting melodic take on the song. At the same time Caroline kept it very classic!!!

You can get Caroline Glaser’s version of Tiny Dancer Here

Justin Rivers sang Kenny Chesney’s “Summertime”

Even after listening on iTunes, so far not impressed with Justin. We’ll have to see if this changes as the season progresses.

You can get Justin Roivers’s version of Summertime Here

Michelle Raitzin sang “Bless the Broken Road”

Once again, yet another artist I’ll need to hear more from. I didn’t care for the song choice.

You can get Michelle Raitzin ‘s version of Bless the Broken Road Here

Grace Askew sang Nancy Sinatra’s “These Boots Are Made For Walkin”

Loved Grace’s performance! Thought it was very well done!!! Can’t wait to see what else she sings.

You can get Grace Askew’s version of These Boots Are Made For Walkin Here

The Voice S4 Team Shakira Chair

Team Shakira:

Shawna P. sang The Black Crows “She Talks To Angels”

This was one of my favorite performances of the night! Shawna really knocked it outta the park. Can’t wait to hear what else she has in store for us.

You can get Shawna P’s version of She Talks To Angels Here

Mary Miranda who sang Selena’s Como La Flor

Unlike the other contestant that sang in Spanish, I actually liked Mary’s song choice. Mainly because I’d heard it before. Jennifer Lopez sang the song, when she starred as Selena in the film about the singer. I like Mary’s version, and hoping to hear her sing more English songs.

You can get Mary Miranda’s version of “Como La Flor” Here

 The Voice S4 Team Usher Chair

Team Usher:

Jeff Lewis who sang Usher’s “U Got It Bad”

Thought this was great too! Glad Jeff sang Usher’s song. I do love hearing new takes on coaches songd! Looking forward to see just how Usher will challenge Jeff in the Battles!!

You can get Jeff Lewis’s version of U Got It Bad Here

Jamila Thompson who sang Beyonce’s “Halo”

Jamila doesn’t have it for me. You need a slightly deeper female voice for this song. We’ll have to see if my opinion changes of her in the future.

You can get Jamila Thompson’s version of Halo Here

Ryan Innes who sang John Mayer’s “Gravity”

The performance that ended the night, and it was absolutely amazing. Loved Ryan’s rendition of this John Mayer song.

You can get Ryan Innes’s version of Gravity Here

The Blind Auditions Round 6

The Voice S4 Premiere The Blind Auditions R6

Tuesday Night April 9th was Round 6 of The Blind Auditions

By the end of the night each coach completed their team of 12! I think I enjoyed this overall episode of The Voice, more then the one on Monday night.

There were several non selected contestants on night two:

Betsy Barta who sang Adele’s “Set Fire To The Rain”

If you don’t know by now, I’m  SO NOT AN ADELE FAN… I can’t stand her, yet when other people sing her songs, I think they are great. Betsy did a wonderful job, and I wish she would have made a team.

Jewel Anguay who sang Jordan Sparks’s “Battlefield”

I agree with the coaches this was a definite no. She sounded all out of key, and the pitch was all over the place.

Ginette Claudette who sang Alicia Keys’s “No One”

I could get a decent enough grasp of the song from the quick clip they played.

Chris Johnson who sang Tom Petty’s “I Won’t Back Down”

This guy sounded really good, and loved the song choice!!!

Night 2 Winners:

S4 Blinds Week 3 Night 2 Artists Who made a team

The Voice S4 Team Adam

Team Adam:

Amber Carrington who sang Carrie Underwood’s “Good Girl”

Just as I loved Adriana’s performance of this song in Season 3. I loved Amber’s as well!! Amber has an amazing voice, and can’t wait to hear more from her.

You can get Amber Carrington’s version of Good Girl Here

The Voice S4 Team Blake

Team Blake:

Jaqui Sandell who sang Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams”

Thank you Jaqui!!! For picking a song not often done on this show!!! Absolutely loved her rendition of Dreams!

You can get Jaqui Sandell’s version of Dreams Here

The Voice S4 Team Shakira

Team Shakira:

Luke Edgemon sang Bonnie Raitt’s “I Can’t Make You Love Me”

MEH. Luke has a great voice, but I didn’t care for the song selection.

You can get Luke Edgemon’s version of I Can’t Make You Love Me Here

The Voice S4 Team Usher

Team Usher:

Jessica Childress who sang Bruno Mars’s “Marry You”

I can’t remember which Season 3 contestant tried singing this song, but I loved Jessica’s rendition of it. Excited to see what else she’ll sing.

You can get Jessica Childress’s version of Marry You Here

Week 3 Final Thoughts:

The final week of Blinds has come and gone. There were some absolutely amazing artists, and some I just don’t care for either way. I will say that unlike season 3 with Melanie, there are no artists on any team that I outright loathe. The battles are gonna be very interesting, and I’m so stoked to see what happens next week. You can watch the performances on The Voice’s YouTube Channel. 

What You Didn’t See Week 3:

The Voice Battles Preview

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