The Voice Season 3: The Live Playoffs Rounds 1, 2, & Results

The Voice

Season 3

This week started the LIVE Playoffs!!!! This is where I can really tell an artist’s style, and sound. By this point in the Season, I already have my Top choices. The problem for me is I LOVE all of my top choices, and can’t decide who I’d like to see win!

Starting off the night both teams performed “Peace Of Mind” Check it out:

Live Playoffs Round 1

Team Adam:

Joselyn Rivera sang Demi Lovato’s “Give Your Heart A Break”

This was by far the one time I didn’t care for Joselyn’s song choice. I didn’t even know what the song was until I looked it up. I think she did a great job, but I wasn’t into the song.

You can get Joselyn’s version of Give Your Heart A Break Here

Melanie Martinez sang “Hit The Road Jack”

I was really surprised with this one. I’m not a huge fan of Melanie’s style, but this performance was amazing! Her voice was made for this song. Although I still think her whole style is a giant ice cream cone lol

You can get Melanie’s version of Hit The Road Jack Here

Bryan Keith sang The Goo Goo Dolls’s “Iris’

I really enjoy Bryan’s singing, and singing a Goo Goo Dolls song was a great choice.

You can get Bryan’s version of Iris Here

Loren Allred sang Lisa Stansfield’s “All Around The World”

This was the first time that I really enjoyed Loren’s singing. What I mean by that is every time she has been showcased to this point it was in the brief recaps of battles etc. I think she knocked it outta the park. Very awesome performance.

You can get Loren’s version of All Around The World Here

Amanda Brown sang Aerosmith’s “Dream On”

This was the performance that closed out the night, and it might have been the best performance of the night. Amanda really embodied a female version of Steven Tyler. It was so powerful and awesome!!!! Can’t wait to see more of Amanda!

You can get Amanda’s version of Dream On Here

Team Blake:

Terry McDermott sang Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin’

Terry continues to be an awesome rocker! Always love his sound, although I must point out he flubbed a word in the song. However he did a great job with the song. Very awesome!

You can get Terry’s version of Don’t Stop Believin here

Liz Davis sang Martina McBride’s “Independence Day”

I’ve been a fan of Liz since she first walked out on the Blind Auditions stage. She is an amazing country artist. Singing McBride’s Independence Day, I thought was a very different choice for her. I loved it though, and I thought it really showed her range. Liz is one of my top picks to win Season 3!

You can get Liz’s version of Independence Day here

Cassadee Pope sang Avril Lavigne’s “My Happy Ending”

Again Cassadee is another singer, I’ve been a fan of since she appeared in the Blinds. Back when Avril was popular in the late 90s, I did like her. I really love Cassadee’s rendition of this song, and she is another one of my top picks to win Season 3.

You can get Cassadee’s version of My Happy Ending Here

Michaela Paige sang Neon Trees’s “Everybody Talks”

This was a very powerful and energetic performance from Michaela. Like Melanie I think Michaela is another ice cream flavor, both in appearance and in singing style. I don’t think that I have ever heard this song, but I enjoyed watching the performance.

You can get Michaela’s version of Everbody Talks here

Julio Cesar Castillo sang “El Rey”

I liked when Julio sang La Bamba, but everything he’s done since, I’ve not been a fan of. I don’t even know the song he sang in this round.

You can get Julio’s version of El Ray here

Now let’s move onto night 2 of the Live Playoffs.

Live Playoffs Round 2

Starting off the night, both teams performed “Sing” Check it out:

Team CeeLo:

Cody Belew sang George Michael’s One More Try

Cody again impresses me, singing this George Michael Classic. He did an amazing job with it. Such a cool rendition of it, Cody hit all the soft and hard emotional notes in the song.

You can get Cody’s Version of One More Try Here

Diego Val sang Enrique Iglesias’s “Bailamos”

I just don’t get the 2 foreign singers in this Season. Between Julio and Diego, they need to become a duo, and go play elsewhere. I barely could understand what the heck Diego was singing. Not a fan.

You can get Diego Val’s version of Enrique Iglesias’s “Bailamos” here

Mackenzie Bourg sang One Direction’s “What Makes You Beautiful”

What is it with Team CeeLo this year??? I can’t stand this kid either. He’s constantly singing “current” songs. You’d think that’d use his smooth teeny bopper songs, to capture some classics. Again, not a fan!

You can get The Bourg’s Version Of What Makes You Beautiful here

Nicholas David sang Barry White’s “You’re the First, the Last, My Everything

OK see now this was cool. Nicholas sang a song that fit his voice, and it’s a classic song. Very awesome. I really enjoyed this performance.

You can get Nicholas’s version of You’re The First, the Last, My Everything here

Trevin Hunte sang Laura Ann Branigan’s “How Am I Supposed To Live Without You”

Trevin did a very powerful performance with this song. He sang it so beautifully. Very well done. I again have to say for me it depends on the song selection, if I like a Voice artist or not. For the most part.

You can get Trevin’s version of How Am I Supposed To Live Without You here

Team Christina:

Adriana Louise sang Katy Perry’s “Firework”

If you’ve been following my blogs on Season 3 of The Voice, you’d know that I’m a huge Adriana fan! She sounded and looked like a Firework in this performance! It was so great, hope she moves on!!!!!!

You can get Adriana’s version of Firework here

De’Borah sang Pink’s “Who Knew”

UGH I couldn’t even tell what De’Boring was singing at first. She didn’t do that well this time around, then again, I’m not a fan.

You can get De’Borah’s version of Who Knew here

Devyn DeLoera sang Leona Lewis‘s “Bleeding Love”

Ahhh Devyn, such an awesome, powerhouse of a voice she has! I love that with this she went a little softer, but at the same time she brought the power at the end. Really love anything she sings, and will support her even if she doesn’t win Season 3. Oh and that RED Dress, daaayyyuuummm!!!!

You can get Devyn’s version of Bleeding Love Here

Sylvia Yacoub sang Katy Perry’s “The One That Got Away”

Not a fan, and didn’t Jordan Peruitt sing this in the Blinds? Really Voice coaches, reusing the same song, in the same season, ugh. I liked Sylvia’s version of Fighter, but that’s it.

You can get Sylvia’s version of The One That Got Away Here

Dez Duron sang Hunter Hayes’s “Wanted”

Love Dez, he has such a great soulful quality to his voice. Hearing him do a country song was very unique. I liked it, even though I had never heard of the song before.

You can get Dez’s version of Wanted Here

Before we get to the results, and my thoughts on them, here’s MY Top 12!

Here are the three I voted for on the NBC website, so they could move on, from Team Adam:

Amanda Brown

Loren Allred

Bryan Keith

Here are the three I voted for on the NBC website, so they could move on, from Team Blake:

Liz Davis

Cassadee Pope

Terry McDermott

Here are the three I voted for on the NBC website, so they could move on, from Team CeeLo:

Cody Belew

Nicholas David

Trevin Hunte

Here are the three I voted for on the NBC website, so they could move on, from Team Christina:

Adriana Louise

Devyn DeLoera

Dez Duron

Now let’s see if any of my Top 12 made it, because The Results of the Live Playoffs are in!

Before we get to the results there were several performances during the results show.

You had Teams Adam and Blake singing Stronger

You had Teams CeeLo and Christina singing Drive By

You also had Season 2 Winner Jermaine Paul singing his new single I Believe In This Life

Team Adam:

America’s Vote #1: Amanda Brown

The classic rockin chick, very cool! Absolutely glad Amanda is moving on!!!!!

America’s Vote #2: Bryan Keith

Awesome I called this one, very cool to see Bryan moving on!

Saved By Coach: Melanie Martinez

UGH Adam whyyyyy???? Seriously Loren was sooo much better, Melanie is too much of a unique voice!

Team Blake:

America’s Vote #1: Terry McDermott

Terry rockin the house! So cool to see him moving on!!!!

America’s Vote #2:  Cassadee Pope

Yay Cassadee!!! Glad she is moving on, and can’t wait to see what she sings next.

Saved By Coach: Michaela Paige

WHAT THE FUCK BLAKE!!!!! You are a country guy, you always talk about that, yet you save the punk rock chick, over the awesome country singer in Liz Davis!???? You need your head examined Shelton!!!

Team CeeLo:

America’s Vote #1: Trevin Hunte

Very happy with this, even though I’m not a huge Trevin fan, I think he deserved it the most.

America’s Vote #2: Nicholas David

So glad he is continuing on. He has that classuc soul voice!

Saved By Coach: Cody Belew

So glad Cody is moving on! I agree with America’s choices, and CeeLo’s as well.

Team Christina:

America’s Vote #1: Dez Duron

Love that Dez moves on!!!!!

America’s Vote #2: Sylvia Yacoub

What the fuck America! Devyn was soooo much better

Saved By Coach: Adriana Louise

This was a tough choice between Devyn and Adriana, I do not count De’Borah, because well she can’t sing! In the end Christina chose Adriana, and I’m happy with that, but still wish it was Dez, Devyn, and Adriana!

Final Thoughts The Voice Playoffs Week: 

I thought that the Playoffs week on The Voice was great, for the most part. There are some artists that made it through, that I just don’t care for. The one good thing about this show is that a lot of the artists you’ll meet to this point will still go on and release albums. I can’t wait to see what Liz Davis and Devyn DeLoera do. Here’s to seeing what happens next week on The Voice!!!

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  1. The live auditions of The Voice were great and there were
    some tough decisions for the judges to decide who to keep and let go. It’s one
    of the best shows on primetime and I always look forward to the next episode.
    I’m glad my coworker at DISH told me to check it out. Since then I’ve watched a
    few episodes and it didn’t take me long to get hooked. Since I work at night, I
    depend on my Hopper DVR to get all my favorite primetime shows recorded,
    which’s what I mainly watch. The PrimeTime Anytime feature in the Hopper will
    record all four networks every night, so I get all my favorite shows and then
    some. I don’t have to worry about timers or conflicts and it’s so easy to play
    back all my shows.

  2. For Team Adam I ranked them as follows as of this episode:

    #1 Amanda Brown (only if she can repeat this every time)
    #2 Bryan Keith (won’t make it to the end but I like him)
    #3 Joselyn Rivera (just needs the right songs)
    #4 Melanie Martinez (unique and likeable)
    #5 Loren Allred (boring)

    Team Blake

    #1 Cassadee Pope (My #1 pick overall to win it)
    #2 Terry McDermott (so good)
    #3 Liz Davis (lot of country potential)
    #4 Michaela Paige (not bad but not my favorite)
    #5 Julio Cesar Castillo (terrible)

    Team CeeLo

    #1 Trevin Hunte (definitely a front-runner)
    #2 Nicholas David (such a breath of fresh air)
    #3 Mackenzie Bourg (a true artist with always his own spin on things)
    #4 Cody Belew (undecided on)
    #5 Diego Val (this guy needs to go)

    Team XTina

    #1 Devyn DeLoera (lots of potential)
    #2 Adriana Louise (lots of potential but not as polished as Devyn)
    #3 Dez Duron (cool cat)
    #4 De’Borah (growing tired of her)
    #5 Sylvia Yacoub (why does anyone think this girl is a good singer???)

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