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The Voice

Season 3:

This week the Battle Rounds began, and oh man was it epic! I will state that the Battle Rounds coverage I do will be slightly different than the Blind Auditions blogs. For the simple fact that you the readers need to see the epic battles. Sadly only the winner’s rendition of each song hits iTunes, the loser’s version does not get released. Unless there was a STEAL! Which I love that aspect of it.  So in being able to see both sides of the Battle I’ll be embedding the Battle Rounds videos.

The Battles Round 1

Round 1 of the Battle Rounds wound up like this: Teams Adam and Xtina had one battle, Teams CeeLo and Blake had two battles each. The new twist this Season is The Steal. I’ll be listing the steals at the end of the post.

Team Adam:

A Battle Between: Bryan Keith Vs Colin McLoughlin

Song Choice was: Sublime’s Santeria

I love the Sublime song, but Bryan for me ran away with it, because of his lower tone. Colin brought too much energy to the song.

Bryan Keith was the winner of this battle, and Colin was sent home, with no one pressing the Steal button.

Get Bryan Keith’s Performance of Santeria here.

Team Blake:

A Battle Between: Terry McDermott Vs Casey Muesiggman

Song Choice was: Kansas’s Carry On Wayward Son

Oh. My. God. This was SO GOOD! Terry ran away with it, but Casey did adapt very well to a rockin’ song. Casey is pure country, but I like that he rocked it out. Terry on the other hand just is a Scottish rocker, and it’s freakin amazing!!!!!!!!!

Terry McDermott was the winner of this battle, and Casey was sent home, with no one pressing their Steal button.

You can get Terry’s Version of Carry On Wayward Son here

A Battle Between: Gracia Harrison Vs 2Steel Girls

Song Choice was: Sin Wagon by The Dixie Chicks

First off I’ve never really paid attention to any of the Dixie Chicks music at all. Let me just say I love all three ladies in this battle. I really loved the idea of a mother/daughter duo in the Blinds, sadly Gracia ran away with this one. Both sides of the Battle were great, but Gracia had more of an attitude that fit the song.

Gracia was the winner of the battle, with no one pressing their Steal button for 2Steel Girls.

You can get Gracia’s version of Sin Wagon here

Team CeeLo:

A Battle Between: JR Aquino Vs Diego Val

Song Choice was: Jessie’s Girl by Rick Springfield

First off Diego didn’t even know the song in rehearsals! Granted he learned it over time, and did a decent job of it, but it didn’t blow my mind. I agree with what CeeLo said in the episode. I wish JR had gone slightly darker and more rock.

Diego Val won the battle, with no one pressing their Steal button for JR Aquino.

You can get Diego Val’s version of Jessie’s Girl here

A Battle Between: Amanda Brown Vs Trevin Hunte

Song Choice was: Mariah Carey’s Vision Of Love

This was THE performance of the night! Amanda Brown knocked it outta the park in my opinion. Even though Trevin was great too, Vision of Love is a female singers’ song! I understand why only the winner’s song is available for download after the show, but damnit I preferred Amandad over Trevin.

So Trevin Hunte won the battle, with another coach stealing Amanda!

Get Trevin’s version of Vision of Love here

Team Christina:

A Battle Between De’Borah Vs Nelly’s Echo

Song Choice was: Message In A Bottle by The Police

I’m not a De’Borah fan, but Nelly’s Echo put too much of his own spin on the song. De’Borah gave it emotion, and I liked that.

De’Borah won this battle, with no one pressing their Steal button for Nelly’s Echo.

Get De’Borah’s version of Message In A Bottle Here

The Battles Round 2

I’m really hating the second night of The Voice on Tuesdays. For the simple reason that it’s only an hour show. Sadly because of this fact 2 battles did not get full airtime.

Team Adam:

A Battle Between: Caitlin Michele Vs Melanie Martinez

Song Choice was: Lights by Ellie Goulding

Melanie sounds too much like Bjork to me. Not that this is a bad thing, but I just can’t get into her voice. Caitlin should be an opera singer with the way that she sings. As far as the song choice, I’ve never heard of the song before. I most likely will not buy either version.

Melanie was the winner, with Caitlin being stolen to another team.

You can get Melanie’s version of Lights here

You can get Caitlin’s version of Lights here

Team CeeLo:

A Battle Between: Cody Belew Vs DOMO

Song Choice was: Lady Gaga’s Telephone

Really loved this battle. I do agree with CeeLo they were focussing more on the choreography rather then singing the song. The Voice aint no damn dance competition. As someone who has NEVER been a Lady Gaga fan, I did like the battle version of Telephone.

Cody won the battle, with no coach stealing DOMO.

You can get Cody’s Version of Telephone here

Team Christina:

A Battle Between: Nathalie Hernandez Vs Aquile

Song Choice was: You Give Me Something by James Morrison

I think that Aquile moving on was the right choice. Nathalie was too soft in singing the song, and Aquile essentially drowned her out.

Aquile won the battle, with no coach pressing their Steal Button for Nathalie.

You can get Aquile’s version of You Give Me Something here.

Battles That Only Got A Preview:

I understand that not every Blind Audition can be aired on TV, but it seems that doing this with the Battle Rounds is a little dissatisfying!

Team Christina:

A Battle Between: Lisa Scinta Vs Celica Westbrook

Song Choice was: Kelly Clarkson’s My Life Would Suck Without You

These shortened Battles are just a disservice to the viewers and the artists. Hell Lisa got the short end of the stick in the Blinds and Battles.

Celica won the battle, and you can get her rendition of My Life Would Suck Without You here.

Team Blake:

A Battle Between: Charlie Rey Vs Rudy Parris

Song Choice was: Bad Day by Daniel Powter

Really Love Rudy’s voice. Again because this was a compiliation clip, I have no opinion on Charlie. I did buy Rudy’s song, and listening to it, it’s just great. Rudy’s voice is an awesome rock/country style.

Rudy won the battle and you can get his version of Bad Day here.

The Steal!

The Steal in Season 3 changes the game forever!

Here are the Steals for Week 1 of the Battles……

Amanda Brown was stolen By Adam Levine from CeeLo Green

I’m very happy that Amanda will be conrinuing on. Even though I was not crazy about her in the Blinds, seeing her sing Vision of Love in the Battles was simply awesome!!!!!!

Colin McLoughlin was stolen by Blake Shelton, but both Blake and CeeLo hit their steal buttons, and Colin had to choose.

I am not that much of a fan of Colin, but I will say that I enjoy the rules of the Steal. Whereas if two coaches hit the button, the power is in the artist’s hands to choose a new coach.

Caitlin Michele was stolen by CeeLo, however both Blake and CeeLo hit their Steal buttons

As I stated above, I’m not that much into Caitlin’s style, but I’m happy I get to hear her sing something else.

The Battles Week 1 Final Thoughts:

Week 5 overall-Week 1 of The Battles was awesome!!!!! I love how the stolen artist’s rendition of the song does get released in iTunes. The one thing that I hate is when they adendem battles. Like what was done while celica and Rusy’s face offs against Charlie and Lisa. That just pisses me off. I am sooo ready for Battles Week 2 next week.

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  1. Overall, in this round of battles I think the judges made
    the right call son who should move on. Being a judge can’t be easy because
    sometimes those battling sound so in sync or alike that it’s hard to choose who
    should move on. The suspense is part of the reason why I have my Hopper timers
    set each week to record the show. One particular person hat really got on my
    nerves was Melanie Martinez. Even though her voice is unique it’s a little too
    breathy for my taste. My DISH co-worker really liked DOMO and was surprised to
    see her leave the competition. I wasn’t surprised: she didn’t do a very good
    job showcasing her talent in this round.

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