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The Three Stooges (2000)

This originally aired on ABC back in 2000. I had always wanted to see it then, but I missed the initial airing. Even though the wikipedia article states that this is rerun on AMC, I’ve never seen it shown. I found out about it, because it was finally on Netflix, and it has finally come to DVD as well. This was based on Michael Fleming’s authorized biography of the Stooges,“The Three Stooges: From Amalgamated Morons to American Icons” Now the wiki article does also state that Ted Healy’s son gave interviews calling the film inaccurate. Another error was that the film portrayed Moe Howard later in life as down on his luck. Hence why he was working at the studio as a go fer. This is not true, because Moe saved, and invested his money well.

Watching this all the way through for the first time, I have to say it was very enlightening. This film is not an extended Stooges short, it is about what Moe, Larry, Shemp, and Curly went through in their 24 year career. Paul-Ben Victor plays Moe, Evan Handler was Larry, Joe Kassir played Shemp, and Michael Chiklis was Curly. This was also produced by Mel Gibson, who was a huge Stooges fan.

Throughout this entire viewing I was balling my eyes out, in both tears of laughter, and sorrow. Even though the Stooges short give me nothing but joy, seeing what the actors went through makes me very sad. A number of years ago I ran across a Three Stooges Almanac, I believe I found it in a Borders, or a Books-A-Million. I read through the entire thing, and that was the first time I found out about the behind the scenes stuff of The Three Stooges.

I had no idea Curly died first in 1952, Shemp in 1955, Larry in January of 1975, and Moe in May of 1975. Joe DeRita was the last to pass away in 1993. In the film when Curly suffers a stroke, Moe leaves a letter his must read and sign. This by far was the saddest part of the film for me. I was always a Curly fan.

Everyone that has been or ever was a Three Stooges fan should watch this film. It is very heart wrenching, but it shows what the Stooges went through to bring us the laughs

Overall Rating: 10/10 N’YUCK N’YUCK N’YUCK!

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  1. ohh… my… god… I saw that cover, and I almost thought it was another Stooge movie with new actors. Very relieved that it’s just a documentary.

    I really wish t here was more exposure to the behind-the-scenes stories of the Three Stooges. There are a lot of misconceptions about the Stooges, the most notorious of which is the erroneous claim that Curly died and then Shemp took his place. Actually, the reason that Curly left was due to a stroke. He makes a cameo in one short as a sleeping passenger on a train. It’s the only time you ever see Shemp and Curly in the same shot.


    The death of Shemp was the fatal blow. The era of Joe Besser was mercifully brief. And the less said about Joe DeRita, the better.

    The last surviving recurring character/actor from the Stooge shorts was Emil Sitka, who was the main villain for many, many of the shorts and almost ended up being a Stooge himself.

    1. Well a made for TV movie/documentary doesn’t alot a lotta time to go in depth, but for that this is I throughly enjoyed it. I actually missed the TV airing, and finally 12 years later it’s added to netflix and on DVD. The funny thing is Paul-Ben Victor who plays Moe, is Joe Quesadia in Daredevil (2003) Oh and yay finally Mel Gibson got around to doing something with the stooges franchise. I had been waiting since Lethal Weapon 2 when he did the bit in there. LOL

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