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Shaken Not Stirred: TFG1Mike’s Top 10 Bond Films


TFG1Mike’s Top 10 Bond Films

OK This list is based on the Bond films I’ve seenm and the ones covered in the Shaken Not Stirred Series on Movie Week In Review. You should also know that my era is the Brosnan era. I’m not saying all four of those films will be listed here, but expect the unexpected!!! Please remember this is a favorites list, not what I think are the BEST ranked Bond films. 

Honorable Mention: 

A View To A Kill

Just barely missing my list is A View To A Kill. At times this movie felt too long because of the fact that the horse racing scene was too long. As was the underground lab scene. Let’s face it Roger Moore was too old to do stunts, but his Bond has the wit, and charm that James Bond should have. I like this film for the fact that Christopher Walken is a villain, the fact that they actually have a US location in San Francisco, and the theme song is pretty cool.

And now my countdown!!!

#10. Die Another Day

OK stop screaming at your computers or whatever! I like this film for a few reasons, one the title sequence ties into the events of the film, two we have NEVER seen Brosnan’s Bond go through anything like this. I thought that DAD furthered Bond more as the Brosnan era moved along. I liked that R became Q, and he had more of a non comedic role this time around. As I said in the MWIRE episode the plot is dull, boring, and we’ve seen stuff like this before. Some of the CGI sucks, nd is too over the top. However in only a Top Ten list, I think number ten is a good place for DAD.

#9. The Man With The Golden Gun

Between this and The Spy Who Loved Me, they are my two favorite Moore Era Bond films. In this I love the whole mystery angle behind the plot. At the same time when the plot is revealed, I was like really??? However “de plane de plane!!!” I love that guy! Plus a young Count Dooku, yes please!!! I really hated though when Bond beat the woman for information. I do love the song for the film, very catchy!!!

#8. Tomorrow Never Dies

I love TND for the Q scene, the action, the fact that Lois Lane is a Bond Girl (Think about it)! The awesome helicopter scene, and the quips from all the characters. Brosnan is settling into the role of Bond, and does a damn good job in this one. Plus the car scene is just awesome!!!!

#7. The World Is Not Enough

Besides the fact that one Bond Girl is just here for eye candy, the other one is a psychotic villain unlike Bond has ever seen! Elektra King is by far the most saddistic Bond Villain I’ve seen as far as her plan. Sadly this was Desmond Llewelyn ‘s last film, before his death. The way Q exits is nothing short of graceful, and very poignant. “Never let them see you bleed, and always have an escape plan.”

#6. Casino Royale

Even though I wanted Brosnan back, on the rewatch of this for the MWIRE Shaken Not Stirred Series, I enjoyed the film a lot more. It has some really cool things about it. I love the fact that we have a NEW Felix, and the action was so well done. Martin Campbell is such a great action director. Daniel Craig as Bond, I’m warming up to, but still he’ll be the Wookie Bitch for now.

#5. Licence To Kill

Out of Dalton’s two entries into Bond, this by far was more of my favorite. The Living Daylights is a great film, but honestly I forgot about it after we recorded the Shaken Not Stirred episode on it. So Licence to Kill. I love this film for the fact that we see Bond be slightly human, and not just a secret agent. Really enjoyed the theme song as well. Again I have to complain about length, it did seem to go on forever, but it was ok, because I was enjoying myself.

#4. The Spy Who Loved Me

By far Moore’s BEST outing as Bond. The story was well developed, and the action pieces were great. The only thing I found creepy was the fact that Moore is wayyy too old to be bedding Agent X. However I did like their non sexual chemistry.

#3. Goldfinger

This film is AWESOME!!!! It has everything a Bond Film should. Great action, suspense, and greed. Plus the acting is very well done. Even though it is almost the generic rob a bank plot, that really doesn’t take away from the pure enjoyment that is Connery Bond in  Goldfinger! Plus Pussy Galore HELLO! One of the best Bond Girls EVER!!!

#2. SkyFall

OK before you cry fow, again let me explain. I really don’t feel comfortable making this my NUMBER ONE favorite, as it isn’t. I do love the film, but it isn’t my number one. The only thing I hated, loathed, couldn’t stand about the film was the song, and the title sequence. I just don’t care for them. As far as the rest of Skyfall it is awesome!!!!! BEST Craig Era Bond film!!!The action is nonstop, the plot is well thought out, the film does not drag at all in any part of it. Plus we actually get to see Bond’s boyhood home, and he talks about his parents a bit. Sadly the Judi Bench M died in this, and so a NEW M was introduced. I do think this was the way to go as they move forward with Craig as Bond. I loved the Q Scene, and the NEW Q fits the style of the film. Loved all the homages to the past 50 years of Bond. Overall a very awesome Bond Film!!!!

#1. GoldenEye


GoldenEye is my number one, because it was the film that really got me into Bond. It has nothing to do with the N64 game, it has everything to do with Brosnan as Bond!!! He is the suave, slick, and super elegant Bond. GoldenEye has such a great story behind it, with former friends now being enemies. Again it something to the point of GoldenEye’s release that we hadn’t seen in a Bond film. The acting all around is very well done, and the action pieces are amazing.

So there ya go, those are my Top 10 Favorite Bond Films. I hope you have enjoyed listening and reading all the Bond Coverage we have done here at The GCRN in the last two months. Once again HUGE thanks to Jason Jackson for donating the three Bond Soundtracks that he did!!! Who knows what theme month we’ll do next……Stay Tuned! Because WE ARE INVINCIBLE!!!!

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    1. LOL Well Casino deserves 6 even though it’s not Brosnan. You are surprised SkyFall came in so high? Really? I LOVED SkyFall besides the title sequence and song. BEST Craig film ever! 

          1. LOL Besides it being a “favorites” list, I do see the flaws in stuff ya know. The other 9 films are wayy better then DAD. 

            Maybe you don’t have a wife, maybe it’s your secret alter eho! LOL just kidding. 

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