Top 10 Most Anticipated Comics for the Week of 2/10/2021

Welcome to my Top 10 Most Anticipated comics for the Week of 2/10/2021. How are we already this late into the year? Time flies when you are reading comics. Another slate of

Before we get started here are some books that did not quite make the list but I am also looking forward to: Daredevil #27, Wolverine: Black, White & Blood #3, Taskmaster #3, Norse Mythology #5, Home Sick Pilots #3 King in Black: Black Panther #1, Horror Comics Black and White #1, Orcs #1.

Onto the countdown…

Knock Em Dead #310. Knock Em Dead #3

Writer: Eliot Rahal
Artist: Mattia Monaco
Publisher: Aftershock

Description: Pryor Brice has just killed an entire room full of people – because he just won a stand-up comedy competition! Pryor should be on top of the world after his win, but he’s not. The spirit of his dead friend that’s trapped inside him has grown more powerful. Now Pryor is acting…differently. How do you exorcise a malignant spirit for bargain prices on such short notice? Well, all we can say is…thank God for the internet.

Why it Made the List: After the last issue of Knock Em Dead it seems they are getting into the meat of this story. Centering a comic on standup is a brave choice. Considering stand-up is based so much on the spoken word and specific timing. Ultimately we are seeing the jokes are not necessarily the point. The predicament that has been created is where the drama is being forged. What would you do if the haunted presence of your friend is slowly taking over your body? Who around you would notice? Hopefully, that proves to be far more intriguing than is a joke funny or not.

Radiant Black #19. Radiant Black #1

Writer: Kyle Higgins
Artist: Marcelo Costa
Publisher: Image Comics

Description: Nathan Burnett has just turned thirty, and things aren’t great: He’s working (and failing) at two jobs, his credit card debt is piling up, and his only move… is moving back home with his parents. But when Nathan discovers and unlocks the ethereal, cosmic RADIANT, he’s given the power to radically change his fortunes! There’s just one problem: The powers don’t belong to him. And the COSMIC BEINGS who created them want them back… by any means necessary.

Why it Made the List: Kyle Higgins is a writer that automatically goes on my to-read list especially if it is something creator-owned. He did wonders with the Power Rangers comics but books like C.O.W.L., Magnus, and The Dead Hand are where he shined the most. Considering the origins of Image it is exciting they are putting out more superhero content like this. When you compare a book to Invincible you are setting lofty goals, but go hard if you believe in the book that you are doing.

Space Bastards #28. Space Bastards #2

Writer: Joe Aubrey
Artist: Darick Robertson, Eric Peterson
Publisher: Humanoids

Description: Acclaimed artist Darick Robertson (The Boys, HAPPY!) joins writers Eric Peterson and Joe Aubrey as they unleash the galaxy’s most vicious and depraved…parcel couriers? The secret origin of the IPS! Several years ago, after failing to make a profitable exit from his sex robot company, Roy Sharpton hit upon his next big idea: buy the failing Intergalactic Postal Service! Learn how he combined Uber and Rollerball into a violent and competitive army of contract workers–and the most successful business in history!

Why it Made the List: For two weeks in a row now we are getting a comic with Darick Robertson art. What year is this? I am here for it. Space Bastards #1 was such a fun ride and without question, the best single issue Humanoids has put out since their recent makeover. That issue was packed with content. So I am glad to see this is once gain 48 pages. Somehow they have made the postal service into this chaotic scene where murder is the norm. If you are someone who enjoyed the insanity of 90’s Vertigo books like Preacher or Transmetropolitan you will like this story.

Scout's Honor #27. Scout’s Honor #2

Writer: David Pepose
Artist: Luca Casalanguida
Publisher: Aftershock

Description: Ever since the bombs fell and the skies turned to nuclear fire, the Ranger Scouts of America have built their religion upon their most sacred law – always be prepared. But after discovering a chilling secret in an abandoned bunker, Kit’s belief in the Scout tradition is rocked to the core – yet when a gang of murderous
highwaymen breach the Ranger Scout compound, her growing doubts might come at a harrowing cost…

Why it Made the List: Scout’s Honor #1 was one of the better first issues I read this year. It succeeded at balancing both character and concept. Having one inform the next. What so far is separating this from other post-apocalyptic comics is that the concept is only part of what works about it. The real conflict here is regarding a person who needs to hide their true self to survive in an unforgiving world. Along with that you this deconstruction of belief systems and what happens when those beliefs are challenged.

'King Tank Girl #36. ‘King Tank Girl #3

Writer: Alan Martin
Artist: Brett Parson
Publisher: Albatross

Description: In this life-changing issue of ‘King Tank Girl, we finally get to see how Tank, Jet, and Sub Girl all met up in the first place, in the epic origin story ‘3rd Day Commandos’; a big revelation is had in the concluding installment of ‘Barney Don’t Surf’; and we get to look up Jane Austen’s skirt. Change your ways, change the world, read ‘King Tank Girl.

Why it Made the List: Albatross has been doing a superb job writing their properties so they are welcoming to new readers and engaging to old. I never read Goon before prior to the relaunch and really dug it. Based on that I started with this series and once again I found some great joy. Ultimately this is just an entertaining comic adventure. Tank Girl embodies that rebel without a cause mentality, but one who never takes herself too seriously. Brett Parson’s cartooning is pitch-perfect for this comic as well. Sharp lines and expressive features help sell the humor and fun.

King in Black: Thunderbolts #25. King in Black: Thunderbolts #2

Writer: Matthew Rosenberg
Artist: Juan Ferreyra
Publisher: Marvel

Description: THE THUNDERBOLTS GET COMMITTED! The secret to saving the world lies within the Ravencroft Institute, but can the Thunderbolts get it out? Not if a mob of Knullified inmates have anything to say about it! The Thunderbolts’ plan to save the world is revealed, and it must be seen to be believed!

Why it Made the List: This is my favorite thing to come out of King in Black including the main title. Giving Juan Ferreyra all these characters to play with had lead to some comic magic. One of my favorite panels from the last comic should Batroc the Leaper living up to his name. When you combine that with Matthew Rosenberg’s ability to write dialog you have a hit comic. Even if you are a person who skipped King in Black or maybe just reading the main title you should take some time to check out this series.

Black Hammer: Visions #14. Black Hammer: Visions #1

Writer: Patton Oswalt,
Artist: Dean Kotz, Jason Wordie
Publisher: Dark Horse

Description: An exciting reimagination of the Eisner Award-winning Black Hammer series told by guest writers and artists such as Patton Oswalt, Geoff Johns, Mariko Tamaki, Chip Zdarsky, Kelly Thompson, and more of comic’s top talents! Patton Oswalt joins artists Dean Kotz and Jason Wordie to explore the life of youthful super heroine Golden Gail on the Black Hammer Farm before the beginning of Black Hammer #1, and her struggle to maintain sanity as a middle-aged woman trapped in the unchanging body of a superpowered grade-schooler.

Why it Made the List: The world of Black Hammer is becoming so large Jeff Lemire is calling in reinforcements. Being a fan of both Black Hammer and Patton Oswalt I am excited to see how well this will work. The lineup of future writers is super exciting as well. Oswalt has some comic experience. For example, his recent work on M.O.D.O.K. has been a major pleasant surprise this year. Even the most talented writers can struggle with the format of comics so any past experience can help a great deal.

I Walk With Monsters #33. I Walk With Monsters #3

Writer: Paul Cornell
Artist: Sally Cantirino
Publisher: Vault Comics

Description: As Jacey and David prepare to hunt the Important Man, we discover the horrible histories that shaped them. Their partnership is test to the limit as they prepare to sacrifice their lives.

Why it Made the List: This is another series you need to be in the right mental space before reading. When a narrative is so deeply woven into working through trauma it can be a tumultuous journey. That is an exploration that can be difficult but is ultimately necessary. Also, you do see some truly horrible people being held accountable for their actions. You have to appreciate a publisher like Vault that continues to make books like this that combine quality storytelling with the type of commentary we need right now.

Rorschach #52. Rorschach #5

Writer: Tom King
Artist: Jorge Fornés
Publisher: DC Comics

Description: Rorschach tried to kill the leading contender to unseat President Redford, a governor by the name of Turley who has a lot to say. Turley believes the Redford people were behind the hit, but the detective investigating the case isn’t so sure. To prove Turley wrong, he has to figure out how Rorschach and Laura got so close to actually doing the job, and the answer to that might be deep in the Turley campaign itself, including the governor’s past with a masked man called the Comedian.

Why it Made the List: The last issue of Rorschach was one of my favorite issues of the year thus far. Having it be told in this chapter-like format allows for a more focused approach. Apparently, the Comedian will be making some sort of appearance within this issue. My guess is that will mostly be in flashbacks but maybe not. If what we learned in the last issue is actually true all bets are off. So far there have been peripheral connections to Watchmen, but this issue may change that. 

Wasted Space #191. Wasted Space #19

Writer: Michael Moreci
Artist: Hayden Sherman
Publisher: Vault

Description: As Billy makes a mess of things (for the umpteenth time), Molly takes the reins and sets on a decisive course of action: Getting the f**k off Earth. But is the Creator going to allow her to leave? No. The answer is clearly no.

Why it Made the List: Wasted Space has been one of my favorite comics since its debut so anytime we get a new issue it will be on top of my list. You have this great group of characters that are just functional enough to get over their internal disfunction. It is also a book that explores some deep and important questions while making the most ludicrous jokes. If you are the type of person that enjoyed shows like Firefly I could see this meshing with your sensibilities. Now this late into the right this might not new reader-friendly but it would not take you long to get caught up and it is worth it. Hayden Sherman draws like one else in comics and that style helps establish the off the wall personality of this book. Vault has grown a great deal since this first debuted, and a lot of that growth was due to the quality of books like Wasted Space.

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