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Transformers they are More Than Meets The Eye, they are Robots In Disguise!!!!! Yes I’ve started reading both TF ongoings from IDW. Here is my review of RID #28 and it’s slightly SPOILER FILLED!!!


^Once again have to thank TV’s Mr. Neil for combining the covers for me. Check out his web comic series… Dasien Comic HERE!

For those that have listened to the trilogy of More Than Meets The Eye and Robots In Disguise episodes in The Pull Bag, you’ll know I’ve dove into TF Comics! Since my only other TF RID review, I’ve now caught up on RID, and read through Dark Cybertron as well. I’m waiting for Dark Cybertron to hit trade to fully enjoy it. However I was super stoked to get into “Season 2” of RID and MTMTE!!! Windblade #1 kicked it off, and here we have the Autobots returning to Earth.

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SPOILERS!!!! After the DARK…..Comes the DAWN!!! Dawn of the Autobots continues to kick off as we have the RID Second Season set on Earth. As much as I LOVE John Barber’s writing I really felt taken out of the story when reading Thundercracker’s “Screenplay” in the beginning of the story. I kept with the book though, and once I realized what the hell was going on… I was fine with it. So we finally see Thundercracker, and we are introduced to Marissa Faireborn! The interaction between Thundercracker and Marissa is awesome!!! It’s like watching two high schoolers go through their day!

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John really knows how to write amazing dialogue, and there are a number of surprising things that happen in this issue. I was so totally not expecting Sky-Lynx to show up, but I’m very glad that he has. Oh the whole I love the six months later time jump, and the fact that it seems Barber will be showing us what happened here and there during that six months. The most shocking surprise of the issue was that it leaves you hanging off a cliff with what happens on the very last page. I will not spoil it here, but let me just say that it is absolutely gonna hook any TF fan into this story.


Andrew Griffith is on art, Josh Perez is on present day colors and Joana Lafuente is on past colors here, and they do such an amazing job!!!! The art all looks very fresh, and crisp. I love the designs on Thundercracker and Galvatron… although I wish he was slightly more purple. The background layouts and colors are great. The colors between the present day and past events are very interesting.

TF RID #28 Page 3

The greatest thing about the art here is how Griffith and the colorists bring Earth to a new light. With RID previously being set on Cybertron, MTMTE was set in space, we hadn’t seen Earth in awhile. Josh and Joana as the colorists are a great team. I do enjoy seeing different artists on different timelines within the story.

TF RID #28 Page 4

Final Thoughts:

Final thoughts for this one…I would say that this is a interesting start to RID Season 2. Pick it up and see what the Autobots will be encountering on Earth! I’ll give this a  five stars, because it’s the first book in a while for the TF comics, that I absolutely love.

TF RID #28 Page 5

Final Rating: 


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