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TF Prime Beast Hunters #2 is here!!! I am loving this series! I love the arc of two parter stories!  Here is my SPOILER FREE review of the second issue. Continuing where issue 1 left off… who is the killer in Last Spark?


As stated above I love the story arcs that this series will do… Meaning that they seam to be 2 parters every 2 issues. So issues 1-2 are a complete tale, and so on. I think that is a great way to tell a story with the Dinobots. As far as the covers… CVR A shown above the Dinobots coming outta a fiery cave! That is just awesome!


The retailer incentive cover is an image of Bumblebee with his new color scheme from Season 3 of Transformers Prime. I like that they are doing this with the RI stuff. Granted BB has nothing to do with the comic, but it’s nice seeing the crossover with covers.


Hell yeah! Arcee!!!!!!! Love the SUB Cover!!!!! I’m glad that IDW is doing subscription covers at the same regular cover price. Once again I love the whole tie in with the cartoon series. For me these covers are just super cool. Who cares if the character on the cover has nothing to do with the story.

Transformers Prime - Beast Hunters 002-003


Mairghread Scott takes center stage in writing this issue. She does something no one ever expected, gave backstory as to why Sludge is still alive! That was freakin’ awesome! I can’t say enough how happy I am that we are getting stories through the eyes of the other Dinobots. At the same time I was kinda missing Grimlock. Well until the end, which was super cool. Sludge and Snarl still are under the impression that Kickback the insecticon is behind the killings, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. I love how Mairghread Scott is writing these characters. It’s so deep and yet very simple.

With the first issue I HAD  to READ  it FIVE TIMES!!!! I guess I’m just not that SMRT…. The reason for this was that I couldn’t tell if it was Sludge or Snarl narrating that issue. By now I know that it was Sludge. These first two issues serve as a lot of character development for Sludge. As a G1 fan who’d thunk it that Sludge would ever have more of a character. I’m a firm believer in giving the Dinobots more character, because in G1 there just wasn’t enough. Scott’s writing is spot on, just as her writing is awesome in the animated series.

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Padilla’s art is gorgeous here. The dinobots pop off the page, both in Robot and Dino modes. I absolutely love how they look. Even Kickback looks amazing. I will say that even though Airwave transforms into an Earth jet I didn’t quite mind the error. I think it was done to make it more relatable to the readers. I love the shadows that he uses with Snarl and Sludge in battle. Just everything about the art is amazing! There really is nothing bad to say about it. I love the progression of the designs as we move through this series.

Transformers Prime - Beast Hunters 002-022

Final Thoughts:

If you aren’t reading this series… then go catch up now! If you are a fan of the Dinobots you are gonna wanna read this!!!! They each have so much character, even Grimlock has developed so much since Fall Of Cybertron. I can’t reccommend this enough!!!!

Transformers Prime - Beast Hunters 002-023

Final Rating: 

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