Review of TMNT Casey & April #3

TMNT Casey & April #3

TMNT Casey & April #3 CVR ATMNT Casey & April is wrapping up very quickly. We are already at issue #3. It seems like it hasn’t been three months since this series started. We enter The Rat King’s maze! Here’s my SPOILER FILLED review of issue #3!


TMNT Casey April #3 Title Page

So in my last review of Issue #2, I blasted Tamaki’s writing pretty hard. I don’t feel bad about that at all, and I stand by what I wrote. I just don’t understand what Rat King’s interest is with these two. Normally you have the good guys going somewhere, and then the bad guys show up, they give their monologue, and then we have an adventure. We are three issues into this four issue miniseries… and we still do not know a damn thing about Rat King’s plan!!!!!!!!

TMNT Casey April #3 Page 1


Markio Tamaki’s “story” here finally goes somewhere. However it still tells us nothing of Rat King’s plan. In this issue we experience the Rat King’s maze, as April and soon Casey will be trapped in it. Within the story we see Casey come up against his younger self, and April envisions her father. That’s one thing about the writing here, I really liked how Tamaki showed us where Casey and April turn when they have no one else. Casey has always been fighting demons. We really understand that more now after this issue. The rest of the issue’s story is Casey and April finding each other, making up, and then taking a leap of faith together. Somebody call Indiana Jones!!! What I’m not liking here with the writing is once again we get no villain plot. We also see one of Rat King’s sisters??? I thought it was him the guy from the TMNT-GB crossover and Kitsune… I was unaware of another sibling. EXPLAIN STUFF MARIKO TAMAKI!!! Issue #4 better have one helluva ending, and a lot of exposition!!!!!

TMNT Casey April #3 Page 2


Koh and Peer kill it once again on the art and colors. I love the black background in Casey and April’s exchanges in the images above and below. With the art in the chasm panel… it almost reminded me of the scene in Star Wars. Thank you to Irene Koh for actually making me like April with short hair. Until this mini I just couldn’t picture April with short hair. Because Casey & April were trapped in a maze here… there’s not much to say about the backgrounds. I mean there’s only so much you can say about being trapped in a dark maze! I do love the way the shadows and light play off of the backgrounds though.

TMNT Casey April #3 Page 3

Final Thoughts:

Casey & April #3 somewhat improves my opinion on the series, but not by much. We get resolution, and we also see Casey and April fall into the Rat King’s lair. Other than that nothing happens once again. No villain plot reveal or anything. As I said earlier the final issue better have one helluva payoff! You can get TMNT Casey & April #3 now at your local comic shop, or digitally on Comixology. Can’t wait til issue #4 to see how the story ends.

TMNT Casey April #3 Page 4

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