Review of D.C. The New 52 Harley Quinn Issue # 15 (Spoilers)

Husband and Wife Team Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner.  Have decided to take Harley back to Issue 1 – 3 roots.   Long before her story arcs with Cy-Borgman.   Or the team-up with Powergirl.  This is just a “stand alone,” issue.  For some reason, it feels very “Peter Parker-esque.”  And that’s not a bad thing.  For those of you who have forgotten.  She is an landlord of a building in Coney Island, N.Y.C.  Let’s not forget as her alter -ego Dr. Quinzell. She is working at an old folks home.  All while trying to balance her relationship with her new boyfriend.


The story opens with her at a pet store.  She decides to purchase all the birds.  Plus all the food in the store.  I love the set up.  It gives us the typical bubbly Harley that we’re accustomed to.  While heading home, she comes across a Batman ’66 villain.  With a twenty first century feel.  The character’s name is Tinderbox.  Who’s dressed up as a fireman, with a hose that shoots fire.   Apparently the residents haven’t paid protection.  So he’s there to get rid of the tenants.


The next few panels feel very Spider Man 2.  You know the famous scene.  Where it’s Peter Parker (without his powers), that enters a flaming building.   Harley just happens to be passing by.   And saves the day, in typical Harley fashion. Not only are we witnessing Harley as both selfless and noble.   But her methods are effective and fun.  After she overpowers Tinderbox and throws him out of the burning building.  Then taking the fire extinguisher.   And dowsing herself to save the rest of the residents.  Granted she is covered with foam.   And it’s not about whether this would work in real life.   It’s all about what would Harley do?

IMG_0003 (1)

There is also a subplot dealing with a new character.   Shona is a blue collar female.  Who the best way to describe her.  Is a female/human version of Raph from T.M.N.T.   She has a short fuse.  And after she handles some dine and dashers at a local restaurant.  The owners throw her out, fearing the police will be involved.   It’s not a bad introduction to the character.   Dressed in black, your typical angry young person.  Trying to find herself in the world. Not only is she able to beat up the crass white collars.  Who have insulted the owners of the establishment.   She’s able to knock the phone out of the hand of the guy who wanted.  To record her beatings to the authorities.

The Fein-al Verdict.

I did enjoy how Harley is overwhelmed.  And the introduction to Shona worked out nicely.  Poison Ivy, also drops in to comfort a stressed out Harley.  The idea to hire a assistant for Harl could work, in this universe.   Since she is just trying to buy pet food.  Juggle her relationship with Mason.   And trying to have some girl time to herself.  I still enjoy the interaction between Harley and Ivy.   It’s always leaving an open ended question where their relationship could lead to.  A short issue, but it’s not slowing down in the least.

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