Review of Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #1 (Spoilers)

Batman Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #1 

BTMNT #1 Cover

Knights in a Half Shell

Two iconic franchises merge in DC Comics and IDW Publishing’s Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles six issue event! This review will be a crossover between GCRN and Weird Science DC Comics Blog! This will be a SPOILER FILLED Review of Issue #1.

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So for all you Weird Science DC Comics Blog readers… I’m TFG1Mike, Co-Creator of The GeekCast Radio Network of podcasts! I also write comic reviews for our site. I approached Jim here at Weird Science DC to see if anyone had taken the task to review the Batman-TMNT six issue crossover event from DC and IDW. No one had spoken up so here I am.

The COOLEST thing about this is that any IDW TMNT ongoing comic readers need not worry about DC Fucking up the continuity, because this exists outside the IDW TMNT Universe!!! I was so glad for that, because with what is currently going on in the TMNT IDW Universe… this book would NEVER Fit!! It also is not in continuity for the current Batman title at DC… so a stand alone crossover. I like that!!! The creative team here is James Tynion IV on writing, Freddie E. Williams II on art and the cover, with Jeremy Colwell on colors, and Tom Napolitano on letters. I’ve read several comics where Tynion was the writer, but the rest of the creative team is new to me. The way I generally write my reviews is I break it down into two sections. One for the writing, and one for the art…. so lets jump in the Batmobile and ride along with the TMNT!

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So the issue opens up with someone.. we don’t see who right away narrating. This person is recounting a tale to Batman as we soon find out. The tale is of these guys in black pajamas, who were there to steal a generator. This woman who we find out is a scientist at this company explains that what happened next is indescribable. I’m really digging on Tynion is writing here. He opens with a classic story telling device with the narration. As the narration is happening… our eyes are drawn to the events that are unfolding in the story the woman is telling. “A Flash of Red, Blue, Purple, and Orange.” When I saw this part of the issue I was really excited. We finally see the woman and Batman, she tells him that he should get to the bottom of this strange event. So far as the story has progressed I really dig Tynion’s writing style. The scenes that happen next, well I was hoping for a one twenty-two and an eighth reference, but sadly no. We do get the pizza delivery guy leaving the pizza on the “street” in the alley. Enter the TMNT!!! Mikey and Raph are spot on as far as their characterizations. You can tell as you read the scenes with the TMNT that Tynion is taking extra good care with them. In order to get it right for TMNT fans.

BTMNT #1 Page 3

I really dig the interactions between Bruce and Alfred. It feels like Tynion is attempting to emulate the relationship the two had in Bruce Timm’s DC Animated Universe, and that isn’t a bad thing. Honestly there’s not much about the writing that I’ll be complaining about here. The story sets up the meeting of B-Man and the TMNT nicely. What I’m most interested in is HOW they are going to get along… or if they even will?? Batman meeting the Shredder was very cool, even though only Shredder spoke, I’m very interested in seeing how that plays out. Killer Croc is the Bat Villain so far in this story, and I like how Tynion paired of Croc Vs the Turles and Batman Vs the Foot Clan. That was a great little switch, that gives you a new appreciation for each side of these fandoms. Only time will tell as this series goes on if I’ll continue in liking the way Tynion writes the Turtles.

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Freddie E. Williams II is a new artist to me, I’ve never even heard of him before. So in preparing to talk about his art, I did a bit of research on him. He’s worked on the old DC Continuity Robin Series, JLA All Stars and more. I only have 2 gripes about his art here in B-TMNT #1… one of these is a constant gripe on the TMNT side… No one can really get Splinter right as far as the way the Rat looks. So I do not blame Williams on this. My other gripe on the art is that the Batmobile SHOULD NOT homage the old one where it looks like an actual bat. That thing was ugly 50 years ago… it’s still ugly in a modern design. The rest of the art is gloriously done. I like how the Turtles look, I love the way Shredder is, and the foot ninjas remind me so much of the TMNT 1990 film! The backgrounds, effects, and shadowing are all well done. I think my favorite part of this issue’s art is the image wayyyy up there ^^ of the Turtles reveal!

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Final Thoughts:

Overall issue #1 of Batman/TMNT has a ton of cool moments in it. The art style will take some getting used to though. It’s a very good start to the story!  Looking forward to issue #2 and seeing where the story goes! You can get Batman/TMNT #1 from Comixology digitally or any of your local comic shops! I’m giving this issue a 3.5 outta 5 for the GCRN Universal Ratings System. TURTLE POWER!!! When all else fails Blame Batman!

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