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Batman Beyond 2.0

BBU #13 Cover

Batman Beyond 2.0 Chapter 13 is here! Kyle Higgins, the masterful Nightwing Scribe continues writing a great tale in the Beyond Universe, and this time we get the next chapter! It’s Terry and Bruce jailed, and Bruce recounts the history of Langstorm and his family.! This will be a SPOILER FREE  Review! 

BBU #13 Title Page

The Bat-Men “Breaking Points” Part 5 of 7

So continuing from chapter 12, Terry and Bruce are captured, and Bruce tells Terry the sad fate of the Langstrom family.

BBU #13 Page 1


WOW! Just WOW Kyle Higgins continues to surprise me. Just when I think his writing can’t get any better it does. So after thending to chapter 12 we see that Bruce and Batman couldn’t fight their way through the man-bat army. So we have a night in jail. I love how Kyle can write around any situation that these guys find themselves in. I mean the story has flowed very well, and you would think that after how action packed chapter 12 was, that 13 we would need a break. Kyle does exactly that with the writing.

BBU #13 Page 2

Questions that are running though my mind as I’m reading this are: why hasn’t Terry’s mom gone looking for him? or Max for that matter….I mean we do not know HOW long they’ve been jailed since the end of the last chapter. It could’ve been days….So I’m waiting to hear from someone on this. Also WHERE IS GRAYSON….? Hopefully he’ll come back and mount a rescue attempt.


BBU #13 Page 3

This chapter continues to be all about the art! Thony Silas and Emilio Lopez rock it out on the drawings and colors. Contrasting colors are great here. You have the darkness of the jail cell… and then the brightness of the flashback scene Bruce is talking about. I really enjoyed that. The mixes between the jail, the flashback, and the Police search are all well drawn and colored. REally love how dark these chapters can get, as well as very bright. The new title page for this chapter is awesome. Makes me feel like it’s October and Halloween is upon us, but it’s only February!!!

BBU #13 Page 4

Final Thoughts/Rating:

Even though I am reading these digitally I do still get the print edition and reread them, because they are that awesome, and I like seeing the whole story in one shot. So……..My final thought is STOP READING THIS, if you haven’t already, and go get BATMAN BEYOND 2.0 Chapter 13. It’s the fifth chapter in this 7 part story within the Batman Beyond Universe, and you won’t wanna miss a second of it! You can find it on the DC Comics App or Comixology or wherever you get your digital comics. Batman Beyond 2.0 continues to go beyond all expectations!


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