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In Batman ’66 #3 we have two brand new stories. This time around The Joker is hunted by The Red Hood, and then see the dynamic duo wipe EGG offa their faces as they face EggHead!!


It is time once again to enter Gotham City, and see what terrible terrors the Dynamic Duo have to dispose with this time! It took them three issues, but finally the crafty clown prince of crime has arrived. The bulk of issue #3 of Batman ’66 is a Joker story. Boy did I hear Caesear Romero’s voice the entire time reading this!

The standard cover above left, and the variant are very well done. Maybe it’s The joker fan in me, but I prefer the regular cover to the variant.

Bat 66 #3 Page 1


You can really tell that Jeff Parker has a love for the old TV Series, just by the nods, and interesting way he crafts each new story. The greatest thing about this Batman Comic is that you do not need to know any previous continuity. Sure it helps if you have a love for the characters from the tv show, but each new story establishes the city, heroes, and villains. In issue #3 we have The Joker, in what seems to be a Riddler type plot to me. Oh I’m sorry I mean the Batman Forever Riddler… not the Bat ’66 Riddler. However I loved reading the Red hood dialogue, and being drawn into the mystery. I will say that I’m more of a fan of the core four villains from this series. Joker, Penguin, Catwoman, and The Riddler, moreso then EggHead and King Tut. Nevertheless the EggHead story in this issue was entertaining.

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The artists working on this title excel every single issue. I love how well they capture the Batmobile, and The Joker really does look like they plucked him off the TV screen. Mike and Lauren Allred do an amazing job on the covers, all in all awesome art!!!

Bat 66 #3 Page 3

Final Thoughts:

Yet another damn fine issue, I think what I’m waiting for the most is to see Batgirl! As I’ve said previously if you were a fan of the old TV show you are gonna wanna read these comics!!!

Final Rating:

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