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Batgirl #34 is here! The DEADLINE story concludes here! This is KNIGHTFALL VS Batgirl, Huntress, and Black Canary in order to save Gotham! THIS WILL BE A SPOILER FILLED Review!

 So this is Gail Simone’s last issue of Batgirl. Besides the Future’s End One Shot coming next month. If I’m perfectly honest with myself I’m not happy about this. Because we are also saying goodbye to Fernando Pasarin, Jonathan Glapion, Blond, and all the other artists that have been on the Batgirl title since The New 52 launched 4 years ago. YES Gail’s run was dark and gritty, emotional, and comedic all at the same time. I understand that they want to take BG to more lighter side and all that. It’s just for me I’ve NEVER been able to enjoy other’s writing this title. OK Issue #25 and #30 are the exception as that was Marguerite Bennett. If only she were taking the regns from Gail. That I’d be 1000% behind. However that isn’t the case. Let’s just get to Crash and Burn, and I’ll worry about my thoughts on the NEW Creative team when I do my issue #35 review.


BG #34 Page 1

So “Deadline” comes to an explosive close. I love the beginning of this issue, because it picks up at that last panel of issue #33. With Batgirl asking for “a boat” I mean we all KNEW she was talking to Bruce about the Bat Boat, but seeing it here and having these female super heroins pilot it is amazing. I love how Gail keeps BG connected to Batman, but at the same time separate. I guess people will say, and even I’ve said this before…. “Oh Great, another story with Knightfall” I mean seriously Charise has been pulling strings since the beginning of this run. However I do not feel as if BG doesn’t have her “own” rogues gallery. What Gail Simone did with this Batgirl is make it more about everyday problems that matter, versus just throwing old bat villains at Batgirl. In this issue we see more of this cool team up. With BG getting help from nearly every superheroin in Gotham she is able to stop Knightfall all at once. Breaking the vicious cycle that she found herself in. With this conclusion we find out that the Deadline is for all the criminals in Cherry Hill have to leave or they’ll die. That’s pretty extreme of Knightfall. However what this conclusion to Simone’s run does is sets Batgirl on a NEw path, and she has a new outlook on life.

BG #34 Page 2


The art is firing on all cylanders once again. Pasarin, Glapion, Blond, and Ryan kill it. I love how they used the face off typew of imagery above. The colors while still dark are wonderfully done. Garner’s covers I’ll definitely miss as this part of the run ends. I have seen the new art or at least what has been revealed anyway. It’s not what I’m used to, but I understand that there must be a new direction. I still love the art here though.

Final Thoughts:

BG #34 Page 2

Final Thoughts:

Batgirl #34 puts a period on the Gail Simone run with this title. This makes me very sad. I LOVE Gail’s writing style on this title. As I said before she made this about more personal problems than just BG fighting crime to rid Gotham of the crime it has. I will be gicing the new creative team 2 issues to grab my attention. If you’ve been reading Batgirl since the beginning you really should grab this one. It was an awesomely emotion filled, action packed issue. And now……. we wait til Batgirl #35 hits.

BG #34 Page 4

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