Review of Harley Quinn # 11 (Spoilers)

We’ve seen Poison Ivy make an appearance in Harley Quinn Comics.   As well as Mustah J the question was, were they needed?   The answer is of course they were.   Ivy is Harley’s long time BFF, The Joker is her on again off again BF.   Power Girl has always been known as…well a shapely…sexier version of Supergirl.   In order for this pairing up to work…writers Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner wrote another tight script this month.  Does the continuity fit in, with any other continuity?   Probably not… that’s the joy of comic book logic.


They do go back to the well with the “amnesia,” troupe.   Powergirl literally falls out of the sky, (pre Harely Quinn Future’s end).    Crashing onto the sands of Coney Island beach.  Harley recognizes  her and asks for assistance from Big Tony.   Harley takes advantage of Powergirls mental illness.   Claiming that the duo are a popular crime fighting team.   Why not?  With the writing and artwork from Chad Hardin…it’s a fun read.   Just like The Joker, Harley’s  M.O is foggy…at best.

As the reader you’re not sure if Harley is looking to corrupt her?  Or if Harley is looking to just have a good time.   Apparently this is an three issue story arc.  As I stated before both this issue, and Future’s end make up for that Skate Club issue.   Plus this issue is just funny.   Not laugh out loud funny, mind you.   Yet, I never got tired of Harley pointing out Powergirl’s curves.   The comments regarding Powergirl’s costume comments never gets stale either.


It has been the most talked about costume in the D.C. Universe.   With it being, ohh so tight, trying to rip off her muscular/curvaceous figure.   One particular moment is when Harley tires to remove P.G.’s costume.  It feels like Disney’s Sword in The Stone.   You know when England’s best of the…cough…cough…best are trying to pull the sword from the stone.   You can tell when Harley is trying to remove Pee Gee’s boots.   If you put it next to Disney’s SOTS, you’d get the idea.

Another great moment is when Harley asks her Gyspy neighbor to remove the costume.   Powergirl is unconscious during all of this.  All while trying to make another Powergirl costume, (for both P.G. and Harley).   Harley’s new look, is awesome sauce.  Her hair is in a beehive, complete with a one piece bikini and boots.  We also get a homage to Austin Powers when Harley is undressing Pee Gee.   The Dialogue between her and the neighbor are great.


Trying to remove Powergirls Costume

“Jeeze Louise she has more curves than Sandy Koufax.”

Gypsy Neighbor

Holding up unconscious Powergirl

“I have (puff, ugh) no idea who or what that means.”


 Also trying to hold up Powergirl


“BASEBALL…Queenie, He threw a rising fas’ball with (UGH) AN OVER…HAND.

Twelve Six Curveball, Six Curveeeeee Ballllll AN’ had 2,396 Strike Ou…Ya know Wha’?

Forgit it.”

   Eventually Powergirl wakes up and believes that she and Harley BFF’s. Powergirl’s…Power….per say…Causes her to rip the costume Harley created.  So they go to the mall…enter 80’s mall montage…scenes/music.   Yet this is not just a comic for the female demographic.   You’d think males will like it for the half naked woman.   However I feel with the writing, pacing, ECT.   This won’t just be an male fantasy issue.


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