Review of Arkham Manor #1

Arkham Manor #1


Welcome to Arkham Manor! With Arkham’s destruction in Batman Eternal #30, the Mayor needs to find a more secure location to put the Arkham inmates. Here’s TFG1Mike’s Spoiler Free Review of Arkham Manor #1!

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For my spoiler filled thoughts on this first issue check out THE PULL BAG GIANT SIZED Eps 94-95 Gotham Academy and Arkham Manor #1 I believe this is my first time reading Gerry Duggan’s writing. I read an interview he did BEFORE the series debuted, you can find that HERE! I have to say after reading that interview, I’m even more stoked to be reading Arkham Manor. For now though I’ll give you my spoiler free thoughts.

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What Works: I really am liking the start to this series. It has a bit of comedy, with the line: “I left one on there to make you laugh” So I think the premise of this series was already spoiled in the solicitations. If you haven’t guessed by now… Arkham has been destroyed, and Wayne Manor is the new Arkham! What works in the wriring is the entire premise! The way the staples of Gotham City will react to Wayne Manor becoming the new home for Arkham. That is the most interesting thing.

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What Doesn’t Work: Honestly there was nothing in this first issue that didn’t work. You have a dilemma, and it needs to be solved. BAM you have a solution, and now everything after that is reactionary.


What Works: Shawn Crystal and Dave McCaig are the artists on the book, and again like Duggan, this is my first time reading them as well. I really did Crystal’s art here. He does a great job designing Gotham, the effects on Arkham’s destruction and gorgeous, and the way he draws Batman is cool. McCaig’s colors are vibrantly dark, and rightfully so. Because when you are dealing with Arkham and it’s inmates there are no spots for bright punchy colors. I can’t wait to see more from this team of artists!!!

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What Doesn’t Work: Again like the writing, there is nothing, well almost nothing that doesn’t work for me. I’ll say in spots that Batman looks like he was drawn with a pitchfork and mud. However that is only in one or two spots. The rest of the art is beautifully done.

Final Thoughts:

Arkham Manor is my NEW #1 favorite book from DC Comics. There is mystery and intrigue to the title, nd anything that explores Arkham’s inmates is interesting to me. Overall this is a wonderful start to the series!!!!

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