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TFG1Mike’s Top 13 Soundtracks Of 2013

Top 13 Soundtracks of 2013:

I’m back again this year!! This time around I’ll be doing a Top 13 Soundtracks of 2013!!! Most of these are film scores, and not sung songs, that you’d hear on an actual soundtrack. I’m NOT making this list, with these choices, just because La La Land Records sent me nearly ALL of the selections for review. This just so happens to be the music I listened to the most that was RELEASED in 2013. 

You can click on the title and artist of each numbered selection, and that will take you to my full review of each of these film scores. Except for Man of Steel I guess I never got around to writing that up. Now you might be wondering WHY Green Lantern: The Animated Series gets two spots? Well because there were two separate releases, with almost all the music from the cartoon. The placement of either could have gone either way, I don’t view them as one being better than the other. Now onto the countdown!

#13 Superman Returns 2 Disc Limited Edition – John Ottman

You might be thinking, “WHY TFG1Mike are you putting this on your list? You HATE the film” Well just because I don’t like the plot of the film, doesn’t mean I don’t recognize good music when I hear it. SR’s 2 disc limited edition is filled with original compositions from John Ottman, and then you have the classic John Williams cues, themes, and snippets. I do love that about the music for Superman Returns, although why it comes in at #13 is that I listened to the entire thing twice, and that was it.

#12 Thor: The Dark World – Brian Tyler

This one surprised me, even though it’s from one of my favorite composers Brian Tyler. The reason WHY it surprised me is because the music is so well done. However after seeing the film, I wasn’t to thrilled with it. I’ve made my opinions about Thor widely known. However that doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy this music. HUGE thanks to our MovieRevolt for getting this for me as a Christmas gift. Thor: The Dark World has extremely powerful music, and after spending twelve hours or so listening to it over and over, I think putting it at number 12 fits. As far as my thoughts on it go… It’s better than the film.

#11 Man of Steel – Hans Zimmer

Hans Zimmer is a superhero movie god at this point. With three scores for the Dark Knight Trilogy, now he becomes the Composer of Steel. I listened to this over and over after seeing the film, once in theaters, and once on iTunes at home. Zimmer knows how to craft very epic themes for most super of all men. Why is it only at number 11? Well because while at the time it wowed me, it didn’t say to me that I must listen to this more than a few times through.

#10 Green Lantern TAS Volume 1 – Frederik Wiedmann

FINALLY!!! is what I said to myself when I saw that this was being released! GL: TAS never really got the jumping off point it deserved! The music by Wiedmann is superb, and I finally got to hear the full theme intro to the cartoon.  Frederik Widemann is a wonderfully talented superhero theme composer. He brings the emotion of the cartoon out with the music. GL: TAS Volume 1 comes in at #10, because I didn’t have the willpower to put it any lower or higher.

#9 Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox – Frederik Wiedmann

I was kinda shocked to see that this was a Wiedmann score. The film’s music didn’t feel like his style of composing at all. However I very much enjoyed it during the film and on it’s own! He really puts emotion behind this tragic tale, and the music fits so well. The final track “Lost Family” might be the BEST 35 seconds in DC Cartoon musical scoring history! OK I’m exaggerating, but you get the idea!

#8 Green Lantern TAS Volume 2 – Frederik Wiedmann

Let the Lantern’s Light Burn Bright!!! The second volume score for GL TAS is as amazing as the first. It starts off with “Igniting Ceremony” which has a huge beginning, then goes softer. So why is this my number 8 choice? Well because there was more emotional music in this release.  I almost wish La La Land Records would have released GL:TAS as one giant 4 disc set. But alas they did not.

#7 Young Justice – Kristopher Carter, Michael McCuistion, and Lolita Ritmanis

Three of the DC Animated Universe composers unite to craft one helluva musical accompaniment for Young Justice! Ahh Young Justice, yet another superhero cartoon to get shot by The Jokers at Cartoon Network, before it had time to even walk! What we did get from YJ was simply awesome. The music is divided up between the three composers, and they each do a magnificent job crafting themes for scenes that happen in the series.  It ranks as my 6th top score for 2013 because the music is so intriguing, and it pulls you in. Take track 27 “Meet Lobo” for an example, Kristopher Carter does a masterful job of creating a scary yet fun theme for The Main Man.

#6 JOBS – John Debney

I was SUPER SKEPTICAL about this film as soon as I saw Ashton Kutcher in the trailer. However after watching it, and hearing the score by John Debney, I was so convinced that this was a damn fine movie. Debney really captures Steve Jobs’s personality with the musical score. It hits number 6 on my list, and would have been higher. However  there are 5 more that I listened to more than this. I LOVE how quiet this music is, and it shows you the two sides of Steve Jobs. On the one hand he was a very quiet guy, and on the other hand he could be ruthless. Debney really captured that, and a classical age of being timeless.

#5 Now You See Me – Brian Tyler

Brian Tyler knows exactly how to score everything he touches. I thought that this film was gonna be like a few of his other film scores. However Now You See Me is a uniquely magical entry into his growing film scores. This score provides the listener with an air of mystery, as well as intense notes. This was almost my number 1 selection, it’s that damn good.

#4 Bonnie & Clyde – John Debney

Are you a fan of the roaring 1920s and 1930s…? Then this is the music for you. After watching the two night three network event, I so wanted to hear this music by John Debney on it’s own. Thankfully La La Land Records released this! This is a combination of impressive chase music, and very likeable western type tunes. It is #4 because I had such a hard time picking where my top 5 would eventually end up.

#3 Lethal Weapon Soundtrack Collection – Michael Kamen

“We’re not too old for this shit!” LaLa Land Records, Neil S. Bulk, and the rest of the team outdid themselves in 2013. As their final release was this amazing EIGHT disc soundtrack collection. This brings us ALL of Michael Kamen’s amazing scores from one of the best loved buddy cop action film series ever into one giant place! For the first time ever we get the full score to Lethal Weapon 4, and it is all amazing. So why is this NOT number 1? Well I am basing my list on what I listened to the most. While I did spend the 7 hours 51 minutes listening to all 146 tracks on this set, it wasn’t the one release I listened to the most.

#2 Iron Man 3 – Brian Tyler

Is there a look of SHOCK on your face right now as you read this? WHAT TFG1Mike…? Iron Man 3 NOT the NUMBER 1 choice? Yeah that’s right IM3 is NOT my number one. However I still LOVE what Brian Tyler did with the music for the film. By the time we get to Iron Man 3, Tony is emotionally compromised. He has issues lots of issues. Brian Tyler does well to make the music fit that. My number 1 and number 2 went back and forth and back and forth… one which soundtrack would get the number one spot. While I LOVE the Iron Man 3 score… I’ve been waiting for my number one choice to get a full official release for TWENTY THREE YEARS!!!!

#1 Days of Thunder – Hans Zimmer

“No, no, he didn’t slam you, he didn’t bump you, he didn’t nudge you… he *rubbed* you. And rubbin, son, is racin’.” That’s right in 2013 I listened to this RARE soundtrack the most, and it brings the awesomeness of the film to life. While listening to this score by Hans Zimmer, I could visualize the scenes from the film in my head! I HAD no idea Hans even did this score! It was amazing to listen to all 17 tracks one this. That main theme is something of sheer genius. It starts of low and slow, and builds up to be an impressive theme for Cole Trickle. Rental Car Race and Claire Arrives at Her Apartment are just two of the tracks  I really enjoy here. This is my number one soundtrack of 2013, not just because it’s RARE, not just because it’s Hans Zimmer, it’s number one because it’s damn fine music!!!!

Final Thoughts:

There ya go folks. It has been an interesting year for music for me. I would normally be touting my love for a NEW nickelback album, or a NEW Theory of a Deadman album…. or some other Rock Band I love… Hell I might even be praising NEW Christina Aguilera or Pink. However that was not the case. You might also ask… but TFG1Mike you watched The Voice Season 5 this year, why didn’t any of those make a Top albums list? Simply put after a few of the first Battle Rounds I didn’t like a lot of the contestants that made it through to Knockouts and then the live shows. I’m hoping that 2014 will hold even more musical awesomeness. I’m sure next year I’ll end up doing a rock album countdown or something. Keep on rockin’ everyone and have a wonderful NEW YEAR!

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  1. I didn’t even know you saw Thor. I’m curious to hear what your issues are. Interesting list. Some of these I haven’t really listened to. I do like the scores for IM3, Man of Steel, and Thor. But I think Zimmer’s best work this year was either in 12 Years a Slave or Rush. But his Man of Steel score is pretty awesome.

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