TV Series Talk: HBO’s The Newsroom

The Newsroom

HBO is known for amazing television programming. As is Aaron Sorkin, and The Newsroom is no different when it comes to excellence in television. 

It has been a very long time since I actively paid any attention to HBO’s television offerings. Simply put I can’t afford the pay channel. I think the last series I actively watched was The Sopranos. I’ve heard nothing but good things when it comes to The Wire, and other HBO stuff, but just haven’t caught on yet for me.

I was actually a week late in seeing the premiere, but I was hooked immediately as soon as it started playing. The way the show is shot is amazing, and seeing behind the scenes of what goes into a news broadcast is very interesting. I have seen behind the scenes of news casts before, but this seemed more impressive then what I’d seen before.  The Newsroom centers around Will McAvoy who refuses to take a stance on anything, because he doesn’t want to alienate his audience. Which is exactly what he does when he says the following statement:

Why America Isn’t The Greatest Country In The World

Also this is the first thing I’ve seen Sam Waterston in since Law and Order Classic went off the air. AND oh my god! Waterston rules as Charlie Skinner. Here’s a quote:

I’m a marine Don, I will beat the shit out of you I don’t care how many protein bars you eat!”

I’ve only seen the first episode of the series, but I’m absolutely hooked. Now if HBO would only put up more episodes on their YouTube Channel. Just from seeing the first episode I can tell you that this series is engaging, believable, has amazing quotes, and great actors in it. I’m looking forward to seeing more of The Newsroom.

Check out the Movie Revolt’s First Impressions on this new HBO series, and catch the first episode here.

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