TFG1Mike’s TV Series Reviews: White Collar Seasons 1 & 2

TFG1Mike’s TV Series Reviews:

White Collar

Usually when I see a USA Network Original Series advertisement on TV for a new show I’m very skeptical. One of the reasons why I was skeptical about White Collar, was because I thought it was the exactly like Dexter. Obviously Dexter and White Collar have similarities, but they are also very different. I had no idea at the time that Matt Bomer was in this. Well I knew, but it wasn’t until I saw his name in the credits that I kne where I saw him before. Before White Collar I remember Matt Bomer in Season 1 of Tru Calling. I liked his acting there and so I fgured I’d like him here. The other actress that is in White Collar is Tiffani Thiessen. Most people will know her from Saved By The Bell as Kelly Kapowski, she also starred as Valerie Malone, the other show I remember her in was Fastlane. So seeing her here in White Collar was very awesome.

Season 1: The Search for Kate!

Season 1 we are introduced to Neal Caffrey a art thief/forger/con artist who breaks out of prison. FBI Agent Peter Burke has caught Neal twice already, and now Neal is working with the FBI as a consultant to crack cases. Throughout Season 1 we meet Mozzie, Neal’s friend who can do anything, and find anything for Neal. We also see in Season 1 the search that Neal embarks on for his girlfriend Kate. As the season progresses we see Neal grow and mature, as well as seeing how Peter and Neal work together.

In the Season Finale everything comes to ahead as Peter and Neal uncover the secret project Agent Fowler has been keeping from them, and the Washington FBI office. When I saw the last scene in Season 1 Episode 14: Out Of the Box I knew something bad was gonna happen. However when the explosion happen my heart and mind also were racing like no tomorrow. I kinda knew there would be an explosion, but had no idea of the magnitude that it would be. All in all Season 1 of White Collar was amazing! They truly went out with a bang and now onto the next season.

Season 2: Neal’s Origin Story

So after the explosion at the end of Season 1, how can Season 2 take off? Well it takes off great! nheal is still mourning the “supposed” loss of Kate. Throughought this season we see the characters be developed so much more. We even see Peter and Neal switch roles, which was awesome, and very interesting! Some highlights from this season are that Billy Dee Williams guests stars, and Andrew McCarthy also guest stars. Andrew McCarthy is Vincent Adler the man who made Neal what he is! As the Adler storyline progresses, the truth about the music box is revealed! By the end of this season we find out that Adler has found a sunken German u-boat, a vessel that holds a very large treasure! In the finale episode for the season, the treasure storage building blows up! However the treasure wasn’t there, Neal finds it in a storage facility. We are left with Neal standing amongst the treasure. Season 2 was great.

Overall White Collar is by far one of the best Cable Network TV shows ever! You should check it out.  You can watch it Tuesdays at 10pm Eastern on USA Network, or find Seasons 1-2 on DVD, and Netflix!

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