Cosplay essentials you need in your craft cupboard 

If you’re planning on visiting Comicon this year or just love cosplay all year round, you definitely need to have the right supplies for the job. For beautiful, detailed costume making, you should always use highquality, non-toxic, and non-staining products. Going into work with a slightly green tint after dressing up as the Hulk at the weekend probably isn’t going to go down well with your manager. 

This is our ultimate list of Cosplay supplies you should keep stocked for when inspiration strikes.  

Wig caps and blocks 

Comic characters often have flamboyant or brightly colored hair, which means unless you’re planning on wrecking your hair with bleach and dye for every costume, you’ll need to buy some great quality wigs. You can dye your wig to suit your character and use a wig block for storing or styling them.  

For putting your wig on, you’ll need to keep wig caps stashed away. These will help you keep all your real hair tucked away so as not to ruin your costume.  

Makeup and tools  

Of course, part of cosplay will involve mastering your makeup techniques. Thankfully, there are plenty of tutorials and specific Cosplay makeup brands, but before diving in, you’ll need the right products and the right tools. Cheap beauty blenders are great for base layers, blushers, and face paints for an all-over even distribution. As you’ll be using different colors all the time, it’s worth having a collection of blenders or investing in a good beauty blender cleaning station.  

As well as blenders, you’ll need thick and thin brushes for lipstick, intricate detailing, and eye shadows, as well as a storage box to keep all your bits and pieces together.  

Lastly, if you’re out for the whole day, the last thing you want is for your makeup to spoil within the first few hours. A good setting spray or using a simple hairspray will help keep your makeup in place come rain or shine.  

Fabric dyes and shoe paints  

You might need to reuse an old costume for a new idea, and that’s where fabric dye will be your new best friend. Whether you’re dying an old spandex suit or changing the color of a t-shirt, each material type will require a specific process or type of dye, so it’s important to check beforehand.  

In a similar vein, shoe paint can help transform old canvas pumps into a superhero’s kicks. Shoe paint is a specialized paint that’s waterbased and non-toxic and won’t run in the wash. If you need to create a new costume, simply paint the shoes back white and start with a fresh slate.  

No matter what type of cosplay you like, it’s good to have all the essentials in stock for whenever inspiration strikes. Keeping stocked up means you can quickly transform from your everyday self to a crime busting, telepathic, spy agent within the hour. 

Need some inspiration for your next costume? Check out our list of the top 100 Comics of 2020 to get a fresh new idea that will stand out from the crowd.  

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