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Week 3 of The Voice was awesome!! Rounds 6 and 7 of the Blind Auditions were on the agenda this week September 24-25th, 2012. I was super stoked to see what new faces, and voices would show up. Some very powerful performances, and unique voices were found!

The Blind Auditions Round 6

Adam got three new team members, CeeLo got two new team members,  Christina  got three new team members. While Blake ran away with the night grabbing five new team members. 

I was really surprised that Blake ran away with it this night. I will say now that some of the songs I’m not gonna have much to say about them. Simply because watching the show as it airs, and online, some performances only get a minimal amount of airtime. KEEP IN MIND THIS BLOG IS BEING WRITTEN BASED OFF WATCHING THE SHOW. It isn’t based off hearing the songs in iTunes. I am not gonna buy every single artist’s song, because I don’t like them all.

Team Adam:

Michelle Brooks-Thompson who sang “Proud Mary” This was a very unique take on the classic CCR song, I did enjoy it very much. I liked how Michelle made it her own.

Sam James who sang “Imagine” This was one of the compilation performances. We all know  how Imagine sounds like. I will say that from what I saw and heard, Sam did a great job with it.

Brandon Mahone who sang “I Wish It Would Rain” Brandon has nice musical chops, and I’m hoping to see different song selections for him in the future. I like his voice, just couldn’t get into the song.

Team Blake:

Suzanna Choffel who sang “Landslide” Really loved Suzanna’s sound, and I agree with the coaches she reminds me of Stevie Nicks.

Michaela Paige who sang “Sober” ummm.. this is why I hate not seeing the full performances. #1 it doesn’t make me want to buy a song, from someone I can not hear for myself. 32 I understand they can only fit so much in a 2 hour airing, but cmon really??? From the 2 notes I did here, Michaela sounds like she has a good voice.

Ryan Jirovec who sang “Amazed” Read the above statement about the airings lol. I will say that I do know this song, and I did listen to the preview in iTunes. I’m a fan, he sounds pretty damn good.

Lelia Broussard who sang “We Can Work It Out” ack, wayyy too pitchy, and the song tempo didn’t seem to fit her.

Terisa Griffin who sang “Someone Like You”  I’m not an Adele fan, but Terisa shattered the glass ceiling with this. Very awesome, hope Blake chooses other non Adele songs for her in the future.

Team CeeLo:

Alexis Marceaux who sang “Go Your Own Way”  There have been sooo many renditions of this song. However I do like her style.

Diego Val who sang “Animal” meh, I’ve heard the song before, but no my thing. No matter who is singing it. I hope he’s given something else that fits his reggae style more.

Team Christina:

Jordan Pruitt who sang “The One That Got Away”  Sexy, and such an amazing voice!!!! Do want to hear more from Jordan in the future.

Laura Vivas who sang “Whataya Want From Me” Sound and control are well done. Again need to see more from her.

Dez Duron who sang “Sara Smile” YESSSSSSSS Finally an H2O song sung by a contestant!!!!! Loved Dez’s version, and he has improved since trying out from Season 2.

The Blind Auditions Round 7

Adam got no new team members, CeeLo and Christina got one new team member each. While Blake filled two more slots with new team members.

The Blind Auditions are winding down, and each coach is being selective on how they round out their team. I will say that Round 7 seemed to be a much shorter show, then the previous six rounds.

Team Adam:

No New Team Members

Team Blake:

Cassadee Pope who sang “Torn” I so can’t wait to hear Cassadee’s voice more this season. She killed it with Torn.

Charlie Rey who sang “Home” Charlie has a very soothing aspect to his voice. I’m expecting to hear great stuff from him.

Team CeeLo:

Amanda Brown who sang “Valerie” The following statement does not reflect anything negative on background singers. REALLY????? another background singer???? Amanda’s story to me seemed so much like Jermaine Paul’s from Season 2. However she did a great job with the song.

Team Christina:

Sylvia Yacoub who sang “Only Girl (In the World)” So far this has been the only female voice on TeamXTina that I really am not sure about. Maybe it was the song selection I dunno. I just couldn’t get into her style.

Week 3 Final Thoughts:

As the Blind Auditions start to wind down, I find myself wondering who and how the coaches will make their battle rounds choices. This show is always so interesting in doing that. Sadly with Season 2 I found I enjoyed some of the battle round losers moreso then the winners. Here’s looking at what happens in the rest of season 3. I’ll be making a separate blog entry for my favorite The Voice Blind Auditions after they are over.

The Voice Blind Auditions Week 3 Recap

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