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The Voice

Season 3

The Voice has returned! I started watching The Voice last year, when the second season premiered. I was completely hooked during the second season. I missed out on the first season, because it wasn’t on my radar, and I thought that it was just another American Idol wannabe. OH HOW WRONG I WAS!!!!! I’ve liked certain acts that have come out of American Idol, but I’m not a fan of the show at all. I haven’t watched a full season since Season 1.

However The Voice is just simply amazing in my opinion. The entire concept is very unique. You’ve got Carson Daly hosting (YES There is life after TRL). Daly is such a better host then Ryan Seacrest, and there’s no Host Vs Judge animosity at all on The Voice. The Judges are CeeLo Green, Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, and Christina Aguilera. They are four very diverse musical acts, that know a good set of pipes when they hear em. The judges  give positive feedback to everyone, and constructive criticism to those that they do not choose. There aren’t any “oh my god you are awful” lines at all. The Voice is by far the most civilized music show on TV.

The show is segmented in three rounds. Blind Auditions, Battle Rounds, and Live Performances. In this weeks blog I’ll be talking about Blind Auditions Rounds 1, 2, and 3.

The Blind Auditions Round 1

Monday Night September 10th was Round 1 of The Blind Auditions…

The night started out with the coaches singing Start Me Up, and was a blast from there. There were plenty of non selected contestants, and I’ll cover the ones I think should have made it:

Garrett Gardner who sang “If You Could Only See The Rain”

This round he was the only one I thought should have made it through.

Each Coach ended up with two team members by the end of the night.

Team Adam:

Bryan Keith who sang “It Will Rain” I enjoyed this performance.

Joe Kirkland who sang “Gives You Hell” Really liked this one.

Team Blake:

Terry McDermott who sang “Baba O’Riley” A Scottish man, who sings like an American Rocker, Very Cool!!!!!!

Gracia Harrison who sang “I Wanna Be A Cowboy’s Sweetheart” Yodelling FTW

Team CeeLo:

Daniel Rosa who sang “Somebody That I Used To Know” Daniel was not chosen in Season 2, but he got picked this year. I thought that he did a great job, but I’m not a fan of him.

Trevin Hunte who sang “Listen” It was very powerful, interested to see what other songs he can belt out.

Team Christina:

De’borah who sang “Hey, Soul Sister” meh, not really into her style of singing.

Deyvn DeLoera who sang “Aint No Other Man” Loved this!!!! This was just awesome, hell I was half expecting Christina to get up there and Duet with Deyvn.

The Blind Auditions Round 2

Tuesday Night September 11th was Round 2 of The Blind Auditions

By the end of the night Adam had no new team members, Christina had 2 new team members, CeeLo had 1 new team member, and Blake had 2 new team members.

Team Adam:

No Picks tonight

Team Blake:

Casey Muesiggman who sang “Sweet Home Alabama” Mighty Casey was at bat, and he didn’t strike out, this was a very cool version of the classic hit.

Julio Cesar Castillo who sang “La Bamba” For the VERY FIRST all Spanish language sung song on The Voice Julio performed very well, and I liked the song choice.

Team CeeLo:

Mackenzie Bourg who sang “Pumped Up Kicks” Very nice sound to Mackenzie. Loved the slow beats in the song. After doing some research on the song, I do not like the song itself. It reminded me about Pearl Jam’s “Jeremy”. However instead of suicide, Pumped Up Kicks is about murder!

Team Christina:

Adriana Louise Figueroa who sang “Domino OH MY GOD! I think Adriana’s blind audition was my favorite of the night! One Hot Chick, with a sexy, strong voice!

Aquile who sang “Your Song” Great version of an Elton John classic, can’t wait to see what else Aquile will sing.

The Blind Auditions Round 3

Wednesday Night September 12th was Round 3 of The Blind Auditions

I’ll admit that I was super excited to watch the third night, but just had so much going on, that I had to catch the performances I missed online. By the end of the night Adam had 3 new team members, Christina had 3 new team members, CeeLo and Blake each had 1 new team member.

Team Adam:

Samuel Mouton who sang “Redemption Song”  Season 3 proves to be fully diversified, Samuel is a really great reggae singer.

Nicole Nelson who sang “Hallelujah”  Very powerful, I think this one blew the roof off the theater.

Loren Allred who sang “When Love Takes Over”  Because night three was only an hour not every person that made a team got a full song set. From what I heard I enjoyed Loren’s voice.

Team Blake:

2Steel Girls (Allison and Krystal Steel) who sang “Before He Cheats”  2Steel Girls are  THE VERY FIRST mother/daughter duo. Their rendition of this Carrie Underwood song was very well done. I’m looking forward to seeing what else they can belt out.

Team CeeLo:

Domo who sang “Don’t Cha”   VERY UNQUE version of The PussyCat Dolls song. And Domo looked like she was gonna jump CeeLo’s bones. She flustered him so much.

Team Christina:

Nelly’s Echo who sang “Ain’t No Sunshine”   thoughts go here

Lisa Scinta who sang “Teenage Dream”  Again this was one of the performances that didn’t get a full run, I’m hoping to hear Lisa’s voice mor in the battle rounds.

MarissaAnn who sang “Part Of Me”  I’ve never caught the Katy Perry bug, but MarissaAnn’s rendition of Part Of Me is pretty damn good.

Week 1 Final Thoughts:

Week one of The Voice’s third season was explosive, heartfelt, and amazing. I can’t wait to see more Blind Auditions, and see how the coach’s teams fill out. I’ll be back at this blogging thing, next Thursday. Everyone should check out The Voice. You can watch the performances on The Voice’s YouTube Channel. 

The Voice Week 1 Recap Video!!

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