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TFG1Mike’s Top 10 Soundtracks Of 2014

Top 10 Soundtracks of 2014:

It’s time once again for me to highlight the year in soundtracks from La La Land Records! 2014 was a big year for La La Land, and they have a great class of 2014! I’m NOT making this list, with these choices, just because La La Land Records sent me nearly ALL of the selections for review. This just so happens to be the music I listened to the most that was RELEASED in 2014. 

You can click on the title and artist of each numbered selection, and that will take you to my full review of each of these film scores. There are not just live action film scores here. There are a few animated features as well. I thought I’d do an albums and soundtracks countdown this year, but it turns out I only listened to three new rock albums in 2014. Those being Nickelback’s No Fixed Address, Theory Of A Deadman’s Savages, and Black Stone Cherry’s Magic Mountain. Sure I listened to songs from The Voice Season 7 and stuff like that, but I’m pretty far removed from the current generation of Top 40 music. Plus I absolutely love soundtracks, and La La Land Records has been so kind to me, why not give them a yearly review of 20 of their best releases in my opinion…? Without any further ado… onto the countdown!

#10 Batman: Assault on Arkham– Robert J. Kral

You can say that this really isn’t a Batman animated film. Because let’s face it… the main focus is the Suicide Squad. However Robert J. Kral’s score might be the most unique Batman music I’ve ever heard. It just has this very villainous tone to it. It even adds in a bit of techno sound to several of the 23 tracks.

#9 The Addams Family – Marc Shaiman

Everyone knows The Addams Family theme right? And everyone should really love that theme. Marc Shaiman does an excellent job bringing the music together. Specifically for each of the characters. This score has a feel that each character has their own theme.

#8 Transformers: Age of Extinction – Steve Jablonsky

I think one of the reasons why I love Steve Jablonsky’s score to Age of Extinction has nothing to do with his talent on the score. It has to do with them having Imagine Dragons do background vocals on several of the tracks. I know everyone hated this film, or most of the people I know did. I actually kinda loved it. Sure the plot is whacked out, but when has a Bayformers film’s plot ever made any sense? The one reason why I enjoyed AOE as much as I did was fresh faces in the acting. Then there is Jablonsky’s score. In the beginning of Track 3: “I’m an Autobot” there is some very nice twangy almost robotic sounding tones. I just think that when Jablonsky scores these films he hits the nail on the head with the themes for each part of the film.

#7 The X-Files: Fight the Future – Marc Snow

I always enjoyed the 1998 X-Files film, even though I’m not much of an X-Files Fan. Mark Snow’s music for the film is soft and creepy at times, and then it gets louder and action packed. One of the reasons why it makes my countdown is that I was completely shocked that La La Land Records was releasing it. When I got it for review I put it in, sat back, and just listened. What I noticed was I paid more attention to the music outside of the film, than I did when watching the film.

#6 Miracle on 34th Street – Bruce Broughton and Cyril J. Mockridge

You might be reading through this countdown and wonder WHY is a Christmas themed score on my list? Well to be honest this was the music I listened to during Christmas 2014! I love Bruce Broughton’s 1994 score. It is very festive, as it should be. However it brought be back to a simpler time in my life. When Christmas was the most important thing at the end of every year. The 1947 score by Mockridge was a great inclusion here too.

#5 The Expendables 3 – Brian Tyler

Brian Tyler continues to excel as the mastermind behind The Expendables film franchise music. The third film’s score is slightly different, yet remains the same tone we are used to. Tracks 1,5,7, and 19 are all my favorites. There is this awesome twang in the first track close to the end that is great.

#4 Batman The Animated Series Volume 3 – Shirley Walker and her Crew

With BTAS being a powerhouse release for La La Land Records, I was not surprised when the Volume 3 set was announced. What did surprise me though was the track listing. In this one we have so many great BTAS episode scores. From Robin’s Reckoning to The Forgotten, and even P.O.V., Eternal Youth, and many more! Shirley Walker and her team really outdo themselves here!!!

#3 Superman The Animated Series – Shirley Walker and her Crew

LOOK UP IN THE SKY….!!!! YES YES YES!!! The only reason why STAS beats out BTAS in this countdown is that I expected La La Land Records to do more Batman The Animated Series scores. When they announced this set… my jaw hit the floor. In the first 4 disc set for this DCAU cartoon we got all the big episodes scored. From World’s Finest to Legacy, and so much more!!!

#2 Titan A.E. – Graeme Revelle

You might be wondering why this isn’t number one…? I LOVE this film and everything about it. Once again I’d been awaiting a full score to this, just like a few others that I have reviewed. Finally in 2014 La La Land Records gave it to us. The funny thing is I had no idea it was Graeme Revell that did the score to this film. I loved his stuff on the Daredevil 2003 movie. And I knew I had really enjoyed the feel of the score behind Titan A.E. here.

#1 Shaft (2000) – David Arnold

CAN YOU DIG IT?  We can! The reason why David Arnold’s Shaft (2000) score is my number one is because like a few years ago with the La La Land Records release of Days of Thunder. I have been awaiting a full score to this film as well. The beats behind the music here are smooth, yet provocative. It’s the one score I listened to the most in 2014.

Final Thoughts:

There ya go folks. It was an interesting 2014 for music for me. You might be wondering why The C.O.W.L. Sessions of the Vince DiCola TFTM score isn’t on here… Well as I stated in the beginning this list is all from the La La Land Records releases. I freakin’ love Joe Clark’s The C.O.W.L. Sessions, and Vince DiCola’s score to Transformers The Movie. I’m wondering what La La Land Records will have in store for us here in 2015. No matter what kind of music you love, keep listening! I’ll see ya back here at the end of 2015, to highlight more of the film, tv, and other soundtracks I think you should be paying attention to.

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