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Hello all and welcome to a NEW Daily Blog series from me… TFG1Mike! The idea here is for me to write something, anything, once a day for 365 days. From January 1, 2023 to December 31, 2023. In my 344th entry, I’ll be talking about Peyton Parrish’s NEW song POETRY GLASS! I found Mr. Parrish through an Instagram ad, and I’m really digging his stuff! As of this writing Poetry Glass is my new number one most listened to track for 2023. I can’t get this song outta my head. The musicality of it, the lyrics, everything it just works so well. Mr. Parrish also does Viking Metal as his genre, but I’d say his a rock and roll artist overall. He does some killer Disney song covers and more!!!


So you can watch the Poetry Glass Video Here:

You can see the lyrics to the song on AZLyrics HERE!

This song Damn! So when I saw this on Instagram, it was starting at the beginning of the song with these lyrics:

“All the colors
And pain
That you paint into the glass
Shatter my name
Then you tell me (I’m alright)
You fill me
Over and over and over again
(No) you lie to me
You keep on changing
You fill me
Over and over and over again
(No) I’m feeling dead inside”

That part up there where he says “shatter my name” I felt that in my heart and soul. As a published author of poetry, that form of writing is very important to me. Next year it’ll be 30 years since a young 14 year old TFG1Mikey started writing poetry. The melody under these lyrics works so well, this song is a very call and respond kinda song. I like that a lot. The trail off and fade at the 3 minute 31 second mark is just haunting, and then the song picks back up! For a song that is only 3 minutes and 47 seconds there’s so much going on in it. I’ve always been a lyrics guy, and a music guy at the same time. I love the words, but when a tune hits me… I need to hear it outside of the sung song. I’d love an instrumental version of this track.

With lyrics like:

“Your love is all I need
Why can’t you just see?
You have me falling
Into your poetry glass”

This song just speaks to me. I can’t wait until January 5, 2024 when Peyton’s new album SOUL releases! I looked at the track list on Apple Music, and Poetry Glass is track 1! Please give this a listen, and let me know what you think!

Join me December 12, 2023 as I’ll be writing about something! Actually I already know what that something will be! I’ll be writing about another side of my 15 years as a podcaster!

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