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Phineas & Ferb: The Soundtracks 

Since the cartoons’ beginning in 2007 Phineas and Ferb has been a show with music… lots of music!! Granted I hadn’t started watching the show until the middle of 2009, but from what I had seen I liked it. After watching more then 10 episodes I was hooked on the cartoon. It has great characters and interesting storylines. Tonight is the premiere of The Phineas and Ferb Movie: Across The 2nd Dimension and I thought I’d kick it off with reviewing each of the four soundtracks that have been released. There was one other soundtrack, but I don’t have that one. I think it was The Holiday Favorites Album So lets get goin with the first soundtrack………..

Phineas and Ferb: Songs From The Hit TV Series:

Above is the iTunes link and here is the Tacklisting:

Today Is Gonna Be a Great Day – Bowling For Soup

Gitchee Gitchee Goo [Extended Version] – Phineas and the Ferbtones

Backyard Beach – Ferb Fletcher

BUSTED – Vanessa and Candace

Perry the Platypus Theme – Randy Crenshaw

S.I.M.P. (Squirrels In My Pants) – 2 GuyZ N the Parque

I’m Lindana And I Wanna Have Fun – Lindana

My Nemesis – Danny Jacob

My Goody Two-Shoes Brother – Dr. Doofenshmirtz

Disco Miniature Golfing Queen – Laura Dickinson

My Undead Mummy Performed – Danny Jacob

I Love You Mom – Candace

Ready For The Bettys – The Bettys

When We Didn’t Get Along – Danny Jacob

He’s A Bully – Robbie Wyckoff

Truck Drivin’ Girl – Danny Jacob

Do Nothing Day – Jeremy and Candace

E.V.I.L. B.O.Y.S. – Candace

Fabulous – Bobby Fabulous and Phineas

Little Brothers – Stacy Hirano

Let’s Take A Rocket Ship To Space – Danny and the Jaytones

Queen Of Mars – Candace

Chains On Me – The Smile Away Reformatory Glee Club featuring Dan Povenmire

Phinedroids And Ferbots – Phinedroids and Ferbots

Ain’t Got Rhythm – Sherman and Phineas

You Snuck Your Way Right Into My Heart – Love Händel

This first soundtrack has most of the songs from Season 1 and 2, but not all of them. I was really hoping the song F Games from the episode where Buford and Isabella are doing the whole boys are better then girls and vice versa. I really love that song, however the songs on this soundtrack are all great among my favorites are BUSTED, Backyard Beach, My Nemesis, Aint Got Rhythm, and Gitchee Gitchee Goo. The album has a bunch of other great songs as well. I actually wish that this had all the different Doofenshmirtz Evil Inc themes though. So check it out and now onto the next soundtrack……………..

Phineas And Ferb: Christmas Vacation:

For those of you who are fans of the ahow you might be saying what….? Why is there a Christmas vacation album?  Well they broke the rules of the show and did a christmas episode. Above you’ll find the link to buy the soundtrack in iTunes and  here’s the tracklisting:

1. Winter Vacation

2. I Really Don’t Hate Christmas

3. That Christmas Feeling

4. Where Did We go Wrong

5. Danville For Niceness

6. Christmas Is Starting Now

7. Thank You Santa

You might be wondering why they would release a 7 song soundtrack, i think the songs in Phineas and Ferb are popular enough to warrant it. I’m very happy that they released the Christmas soundtrack. The theme song Today is Gonna Be a Great Day has been revamped into Winter Vacation. I love this because it shows that you can take the P&F theme and change it to reflect any situation that they might be in. You might be like well why would anyone listen to Christmas music in August??? Honestly for me it tells the story of what happened in the episode. Plus it’s just fun!!!! Other favorites of mine are Christmas Is Starting Now, That Christmas Feeling, and Doof’s I Really Don’t Hate Christmas… he has a intense burning indifference!! Now onto the next soundtrack………………

Phineas and Ferb: Summer Belongs To You:

OK Enough with that Holiday Stuff now back to summer with the songs from the 1 hour episode Summer Belongs to You… again a mini type soundtrack this one has the 8 songs from the episode. Above is the itunes link and here is the tracklisting:

1. I Believe We Can

2. J Pop (Welcome To Tokyo)

3. Rubber Bands, Rubber Balls

4. Bouncin’ Around The World

5. City Of Love

6. Summer Belongs To You

7. Follow The Sun

8. The Ballad Of Klimpaloon

Again it’s nice that they can give us the songs from the episode. One reason why I like this is because sometimes watching the episode there is dialogue or sound effects and you don’t really get to hear the full effect of the song. My favorites off this one are Bouncin’ Around The World, Follow the Sun, and Summer Belongs to You. The one thing I found lacking from this was that there was no song by Doof!! Of course the big draw in this soundtrack for some people will be Clay Aiken and Chaka Kahn singing I Believe We Can. It was a pretty cool cameo in the episode. I’m finding it more and more that Phineas and Ferb is a little like The Simpsons where they bring in guest stars the look exactly like the actors and actresses except it’s in the P&F animation style. Now onto the final soundtrack of this post………………………..

Pineas and Ferb: Across The 1st and 2nd Dimensions

And so here we are at The Phineas and Ferb Movie Across The 2nd Dimension!!!!! This premieres tonight on Disney Channel at 8pm Eastern 7pm Central…… Above is the iTunes link and here is the tracklisting:

1. Everything’s Better With Perry

2. Perfect Day

3. Hey Ferb

4. Brand New Best Friend

5. You’re Goin Down

6. Whatcha Doin?

7. Summer (Where Do We Begin)

8. Perry The Platypus (Extend Version)

9. Takin’ Care Of Things

10. Not Knowing Where Your Going

11. Brand New Reality

12. There’s A Platypus Controlling Me

13. Mysterious Force

14. My Ride From Outer Space

15. Come Home Perry

16. Back in Gimmelshtump

17. When You Levitate

18. You’re Not Ferb

19. Robot Riot

20. Rollercoaster

21. Carpe Diem

22. Kick It Up a Notch (feat. Slash)

Now when the teasers and trailers first started showing up for Across the 2nd Dimension I was super excited, but to see Slash become animated and sing a song with them that was just awesome!! Kick It Up A Notch stays true to the songs Phineas and Ferb have sung before while also staying true to the Rock power of Slash! Now this soundtrack has both songs from the upcoming film, but it also has songs from the TV series’ 3rd season. Again I still wish they’d have put the F Games song or Aint no kiddie ride on here. Other then that it’s great getting more songs from the series a few of my favorites from the 1st dimension are Not Knowing Where Your Going, You’re Not Ferb, There’s a Platypus Controlling Me, and My Ride From Outer Space. As far as the songs that are actually in Across the 2nd Dimension I like Mysterious Force, Everything’s Better with Perry, Brand New Best Friend, and of course Kick It Up A Notch.

In total with these four albums there are 63 P&F songs. All in all these four soundtracks offer the best of what has been produced in Phineas and Ferb. I really can’t find anything bad about these albums, and I’m so looking forward to Across The 2nd Dimension tonight!!!!!  How will Phineas react when he finds out Perry has been lying to him all these years? What will happen between Phineas and Isabella? Will 2nd Dimension Doof take over the Tri-State Area??? We’ll find out very soon!!!!!

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