TFG1Mike’s Theatrical Adventures: Snow White And The Huntsman

Snow White and The Huntsman

I’ve NEVER cared for the Snow White fairytale. I’ve never read the original story, and even as a kid I never cared about the Disney Film. One of the reasons why I do not care for the Disney Snow White is that the story is wayyyy too convoluted. Disney attempted to dumb the story down so kids would get it. There was NEVER any explaination where any of the other adults were, and there was never any mention of what actually happened to Snow White’s father. I think it says he died, but it doesn’t say how. So the Disney Snow White film is very flawed in my mind. 

OK now that’s outta the way…. Earlier this year I saw the trailers for Mirror Mirror, and then this film. Snow White and the Huntsman was obviously the more serious take on the tale vs Mirror Mirror.

The basic plot is that Queen Ravenna was used by a king, so she kills every king that she encounters afterwards. She is to consume Snow White’s heart in order to become immortal. OK this is a NEW and sick twist to the tale, but at least we see how Snow White’s father was killed. Introduce Thor, I uh.. mean the Huntsman, and he is charged by Ravenna to hunt down Snow White and kill her. However he changes his mind, and trains Snow White to fight. There is a very nice twist on the old woman and the apple though.

As far as the cast in the film, the three main stars are Kristen Stewart, Charlize Theron, and Chris Helmsworth. Playing Snow White, Queen raveena, and The Huntsman respectively. Now I have NEVER Nor will I EVER see the Twilight films. So this was my first exposure to Kristen Stewart’s acting. I thought she did a great job as Snow White. Theron as the Queen is just an amazing performance, so well done. Helmsworth as the Huntsman, well I kept expecting him to pick up a hammer. The dwarves were a great bit of comedy for the film, and there is even tragedy in that one of them gets killed. I thought that was a nice bit of the story, and a point where they are actually getting the courage up to fight!

Overall it was a enjoyable film to see in theaters, it is something that i can watch maybe once every few years. it is not the best film ever, but it’s not omg I can’t stand this. The special effects are very well done, and the musical score fits the film, although there was a point where I thought that the music was too loud. I think it was during one of the battle or travel scenes.


TFG1Mike Rating Scale:

Story: 9/10

Backgrounds, Effects, Acting, and Music: 9/10

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