Review of The Matrix Reloaded (Limited Edition Score)

The Matrix Reloaded (Limited Edition Score)


Music from the Motion Picture Composed By: Don Davis

Do you take the BLUE PILL or the RED PILL? ENTER THE MATRIX! The Matrix Reloaded 2 Disc Limited Edition set from La-La- Land Records has been out for awhile now, but the awesome people in La La Land sent it along with the BRAND NEW The Matrix Revolutions 2 disc set! Here’s a review for that score!

The Matrix Reloaded Title

FIRST OFF BEFORE I EVEN START this review I have to THANK La-La Land Records for sending this to me. I’m so stoked to hear the music from The Matrix Revolutions. So excited, and while listening it made me want to watch this film trilogy again. It’s literally been YEARS since I’ve seen these films.

SECONDLY: pay attention to the image below! If you are in the Burbank, CA area! March 1, 2014 there will be a CD signing for The Matrix Reloaded and Revolutions! Details Below:


Don Davis does an excellent job of crafting a score that I can safely say I’ve never heard the style outside of The Matrix Trilogy. Sure there are horns and strings, and all that jazz. Seriously though this style this tone for what The Matrix Trilogy is… I can’t remember ever hearing a score this visceral. It is low in some places, and high in others. It gives you a sense of dread honestly. Rob Dougan’s tracks are included in this set, and they are pretty badass. It takes listening to the actual music to appreciate the films even more.


Some of my favorite tracks from this set are: Track 8 which is Fluke’s Zion, Juno Reactor and Don Davis teaming up for Burly brawl in track 16 was awesome!!!! Also really love listening toTrack 22 Don Davis’s Double Trouble and Track 23, which is Juno Reactor and Don Davis again with Mona Lisa Overdrive. Those tracks are a thing of beauty!!!


After listening to this 32 track set, it makes me want to go back and watch the movie again. I think I might do this very soon. All I can really say about the tracks here is that they are very engaging, and emotional when they need to be. They also can get you pumped up, and that’s a good thing! I do really enjoy this set, and the music is great, but I doubt it’ll ever make a top ten list of best soundtracks for me personally. Don’t misunderstand me it’s great music, I just like other scores more.


That’s a little over TWO Hours of music from the film, absolutely love it! What I love about these La La Land Records releases is the liner notes that come with the albums. Not only do you get cool images from the project, but you also get insights from the people crafting the music. That is just a nice little addition that this soundtrack company does!!


This gets a 4.5 outta 5 stars. While in general I enjoy this release immensily, I wish the Kerry Walsh track wasn’t there. I’m more into the instrumentals than vocals on scores. HOWEVER I do understand WHY it’s on here, because La La Land Records goes all out and makes sure everything that can be included is! You can get this awesome score from LA LA Land Records directly! You can also find the track listing there!


Final Rating:


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