Review of 3 Days to Kill

Review of 3 Days to Kill


Here’s TFG1Mike’s thoughts on Kevin Costner’s second most recent film release 3 Days to Kill. This film also stars Amber Heard and Connie Neilsen. This will be somewhat of a SPOILER FREE Review. 

3DaystoKill #1

I get RedBox emails all the time, most of them letting me know of the NEW releases to RedBox, others are discount codes or FREE codes. I spent 0.21 on this film, and I’m fine with that. After seeing the trailer it intrigued me, so I figured hmm…. might as well check it out. Thankfully just as I finished watching the trailer… I get a #1.00 off code from RedBox. I have yet to upgrade to Blu Ray rentals, and I doubt I ever will unless someone really shoots the DVD format in the Head. But I digress…. 3 Days to Kill…. is by far the strangest Costner performance I’ve ever seen him give. It’s not a bad acting job, but it’s a role I don’t normally see him playing.

Honestly 3 Days to Kill is Breaking Bad, The Transporter and What Women Want roled up into one film. Although Ethan Renner doesn’t have Frank’s rules in the Transporter, he’s not a meth cooker like Walter White was in Breaking Bad, and he can’t hear Women’s innermost thoughts as Nick Marshall could. But they took an action and family drama and combined it into one film. Surprisingly I found it quite enjoyable. Is it gonna win BEST PICTURE hell no, but in my personal opinion it doesn’t scream worst film of the year either. The reason why I compare 3 Days to Kill to Breaking Bad is that Ethan who is a CIA Agent finds out he has Cancer, and will die in 3 to 5 months.

Costner’s voice in this is very gravely…. I almost think he might have made a batter Bale Batman voice than Bale actually had LOL! The acting is all well done. Even though there are only three actors I even know in the film. Costner, Connie Neilsen, and Amber Heard. Connie was Danny Beck on L&O SVU…. throughout the entire film… I kept saying to myself WHERE have I seen her before. Then I looked her up online… low and behold Detective Danny Beck from SVU. Wow… that seems so long ago.

3DaystoKill #2

I’ll grant the readers of this review that the plot for 3 Days to Kill is very standard. But Costner’s acting makes it worth watching. He transitions from CIA killing machine to attempting to be a father seamlessly. He does play the absentee father in this film, and he does it well. Although I agree with his daughter… GET RID of the bike! Because this film takes place mainly in Paris… I get it, there are different culture’s, but biking all over town seems crazy. I love Vivi’s car and the way she drives it.

Here are a few issues I have with the film. Vivi is after this guy called “The Wolf” Ethan comes up against the Wolf three to four different times, and it’s only on the last meeting that he can really get the Wolf. The problem lies within the story of the film, because in the background you have Ethan’s daughter Zoey and her boyfriend Hugh’s storyline. When we get to the end of the film the Wolf says my partner will be able to help me escape….. It’s NEVER explained why Wolf’s partner is who he turns out to be. We just go into a shootout to close the film.

I love the scenery and action points in the film, I enjoyed watching the movie, but I don’t think I can reccommend it to any Costner fan. It’s something that he steps outside his normal acting job style here. I get it do stuff that you wanna do, or are interested in. However I dunno….. I don’t think everyone will be as positive as I was about this film while watching it. The funny thing is that’s from superstar action director McG…. who also did both Charles Angels films, Fastlane on Fox, and so much more. I was actually surprised to see that this was his film. It had the McG flair and high octane action style, but it also had a interesting family dynamic to it as well.

3DaystoKill #3

Final Thoughts:

Overall 3 Days to Kill… an ok action flick. I do not think it’ll be the next Bourne Franchise or Transporter franchise. But it is interesting to compare Costner here vs something he was in last year Man of Steel… obviously two very different roles. However the comparisons can still be made a for a few things. There was another subplot in this film that I didn’t talk about… the family squatting in Ethan’s place….. it worked but only after the kids and Ethan had a few moments. I think that if you cut that entire part of the story, and actually explain the plot point I pointed out earlier… this film would be better than what it is now.

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Not the Greatest Suspense Action Film, but not the WORST either!

Has it's moments, but NOT a MUST WATCH

If you are a die hard Costner fan... this is a film you've never seen him do. At least not in the way we are used to his roles.

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